A road trip to nowhere: My 5-hour journey on the Circ

All in the name of journalism, I decided to spend five long hours on the Circulator from 9 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday, traveling in 15 loops around the Washington University campus in more time than it would have taken to get to Chicago.

| Contributing Writer

Athletic department arranges fan bus to Chicago

The athletic department announced Tuesday that it would provide bus transportation to Chicago for students interested in attending Saturday’s football match-up between Wash. U. and the University of Chicago. The game will decide the University Athletic Association (UAA) championship and play a large role in the Bears’ chances at the playoffs.

| Sports Editor

Metro to add service in 3 phases following approval of tax hike

Metro will gradually phase in expanded transit service following St. Louis County voters’ approval on Tuesday of a sales tax increase for Metro, top Metro officials said late last week. Chief Operating Officer Ray Friem said service will be restored in phases over the next 12 months. The first changes will come June 28 after a series of public hearings in the coming weeks.

| Enterprise Editor

Take the bus!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Because of this (and apathy), I find myself lacking a driver’s license. Not having my own vehicle (or the ability to legally drive someone else’s) is a great conversation starter. “Why don’t you have a car?” “I’m from New York City.” “So?” “I use the subway.” “And? I […]

| Staff Columnist

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