WILD Bingo

Fill this out and scream into the void, because apparently WILD is tomorrow and everyone but you knew. WILD responsibly!

and | Senior Cadenza Editors

WILD Bingo

Fill this out and scream into the void, because T-Pain pulled out so years of WILD surveys apparently mean nothing. WILD responsibly!

| Associate Editor

WILD Bingo: Young the Giant

Check out WILD Bingo ahead of this Friday’s concert.


The principles of WILD BINGO are simple: If you see or hear something on our chart, take a sip of that boxed water.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

WILD Bingo

Cadenza’s not good at making jokes, but we tried to anyway for this semester’s edition of WILD bingo.

Valentine’s Day Bingo

We all hate the clichés of Valentine’s Day, and yet they are unavoidable. To make the experience slightly less miserable, Cadenza has decided to turn V-Day into a game. Play this like regular bingo, and if you win, eat all the candy hearts you desire.

The Haps: St. Louis Craft Beer Week

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but St. Louis is kind of big on beer. Although Anheuser-Busch has the biggest name and the biggest hold on the town, there are plenty of smaller breweries with high-quality products worth checking out.

| Events Columnist

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