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WashU Prison Education Project hosts Dr. Marisa Omori for Maggie Garb Lecture Series

Washington University’s Prison Education Project (PEP) hosted Marisa Omori, Ph.D., to speak about how the development of artificial intelligence, specifically facial recognition technologies, may impact racial inequality in the criminal justice system, April 11.  Around 20 WashU community members gathered in Hurst Lounge to hear Omori speak in an event titled “Invisible Inequalities: Mechanisms of […]

| News Editor

Can Professors Tell ChatGPT Papers From Student Papers?

Amidst the growing debate over AI’s role in the classroom, Student Life’s Managing Multimedia Editor, Sanchali Pothuru, and Multimedia Editor, Mireya Coffman, join three professors, Tarrell Campbell, Konstantina Kiousis, and Guy Genin, to see if they can distinguish between student essays and ChatGPT-generated content.

and | Managing Multimedia Editor and Multimedia Editor

AI in McKelvey–balancing new teaching methods with maintaining academic integrity

Faculty in the McKelvey School of Engineering are grappling with how to best prepare computer science students for careers that will be fundamentally changed by generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

| Contributing Writer

Chat GPT sparks concern and hope for professors

Chat GPT, an advanced artificial intelligence interface that can generate essay responses, solve mathematical equations, and more, is changing the field of academia and education. 

| Junior News Editor

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