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Who asked for a TV show about the 2016 elections? And other concerns

Last month, Ryan Murphy announced that the upcoming season of the television anthology “American Horror Story” will be election-themed. That is, this time around the horror will be about the 2016 United States presidential election. The news came less than a month after Donald Trump took office.

| Film Editor

Election issue profile: Economic growth

Economic growth. Perhaps the biggest buzzword in the 2016 presidential race. It influences everything from our personal political affiliations to America’s global interests, such as finding ways to keep manufacturing jobs on American soil and gaining access to rare Pokemon only available outside the U.S.

| Forum Editor

Rubio: The Republicans’ electable dark horse

Every Monday before Super Tuesday on March 1, Forum will be running a profile of a leading presidential candidate. Last week, we met Jeb!—everyone’s favorite exclamation point. Today, we are taking a closer look at Marco Rubio, arguably the most attractive remaining potential nominee.

| Staff Writer

A feminist reaction to the Democratic debate

By the end of the debate, I knew I would be supporting Hillary Clinton in the race for November 2016. When advocating for her, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have responded to me with: “You only like her because she’s a woman.”

Ariel Kravitz | Contributing Writer

Partisan dialects: A look at the rhetoric of 2016 presidential candidates

Politics have a strange ability to distort the meanings of words, and this election cycle has revealed the different dialects in which Republicans and Democrats speak.

Sean Lundergan | Contributing Writer

Sanders sings the songs of social change

With all of the excitement surrounding the news of a presidential debate to be held here at Washington University next year, it seems fitting to know a little more about the potential candidates that may set foot on our Brookings Quadrangle.

| Staff Writer

Back to Back, the Presidential race gets charged up

The beef is real. Since entering the industry in dramatic fashion with the controversial track “They’re Bringing Crime, They’re Rapists,” Donald Trump has gotten into feuds with any and all of his rival acts, most recently with Marco Rubio and the Fox News label.

Sean Lundergan | Contributing Reporter

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