Tyler and Biswas endorse Hunter Malasky for VP of administration

Emma Tyler & Vivek Biswas | Student Union President & Vice President of Administration

Over the years, the student body has relied on the editorial board of Student Life to provide an objective analysis regarding the candidates running for Student Union Exec. Traditionally, this endorsement has been treated as an important component of the electoral process by the Washington University community. SU values our historic and crucial relationship with Student Life and believe this is an integral service that they provide.

This year, the editorial board provided a thorough analysis of the four uncontested executive positions, and we share the same confidence and faith in the candidates that they expressed. However, in the one competitive election for SU Exec, Student Life’s editorial board declined to endorse a candidate. While SU Exec has not endorsed candidates during elections in the past, we felt that such an action was necessary this year without a definitive decision by Student Life. We believe it is the duty of Student Life to provide a thorough and objective evaluation of SU Exec candidates, and without this, voters are at a disadvantage at the polls. While we were not there for the interviews between candidates and Student Life, we have had a very up-close view of each candidate’s body of work this past year in SU’s legislative branch.

We both enthusiastically and confidently endorse Hunter Malasky for the position of vice president of administration for SU Exec. Hunter has demonstrated a capability for hard work and a vision for improvement in his time as Budget Committee chair that we believe clearly sets him apart for this position. Student group budgets are a large point of friction between SU and the groups we fund. Hunter has worked to make the process more transparent and responsive to the needs of our student groups. He has also worked to integrate beneficial changes based on the feedback he receives into the budgetary process. His committee is a perfect example of a well-run entity and is often used as a model of a streamlined operation. His commitment and follow-through are what truly set him apart for this position. SU can only operate effectively for students if it is operating efficiently internally, and we believe Hunter has the skills and experience needed for this internally focused position.

Based on our objective view of his performance this past year, we believe Hunter Malasky is not only the best candidate for vice president of administration on the ballot, but at Washington University. His experience, drive and genuine passion to make SU a better organization internally and externally set him apart and would allow SU to truly elevate to the next level.

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