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Opinion Submission: To foster a climate of expression, the chancellor must condemn Islamophobia and defend the right to protest

In 2021, we find ourselves where we were 20 years ago – unable to protest the ‘forever wars’ spawned by 9/11 without being labeled un-American.

| Lecturer in English

Opinion submission: What the American flag means to me

When I see, as I saw just this past Saturday evening on a campground in rural Missouri, the flag being gently lowered from its pole and folded with great care, I am reminded of the sacrifices of previous generations to bring about “a more perfect Union.”

| Class of 2023

Opinion submission: Let’s be great customers, on and off-campus

WashU has a shortage of dining staff. We need to treat the staff they have with kindness and understanding.

| Class of 2023

Opinion submission: Liberty and justice for all?

Washington University in St. Louis’ (along with that of local and national community members) treatment of an undergraduate student’s interrupted protest exemplifies the anti-Muslim sentiment that has dramatically increased these past 20 years since 9/11.

| they/them, MSW 2023

Opinion submission: Community statement against Islamophobia

While there may be differing opinions on Fadel’s choice of protest, the subsequent Islamophobic and racist response to his protest was intolerable.

Opinion Submission: Sam Fox’s mental health crisis

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts is one of the most grueling places to be a Washington University student. It needs to better serve its students.

| Class of 2022

Op-Ed: Proposed grading changes will do more harm than good

Trying to solve this equity issue by making a push to abolish closed note exams and failing grades in colleges nationwide will invariably fail, and for good reason. Just think: Although these policies may make our lives easier in the short run, would they really help our long-term future?

| Class of 2022

Op-Ed: After a series of miscues, Wash. U. has failed students

Nonetheless, Wash. U. has the capability to support and accommodate students in this defining moment in the school’s history. There are only a few weeks left in the semester: It’s now or never.

Evan Jenness & Jojo Spio | Class of 2023

Op-Ed: Let’s re-imagine academic Academic Integrity

Addressing this problem requires us to attack the roots of academic integrity violations, namely archaic academic standards and student mental health.

Ranen Miao | Class of 2023

Op-Ed: The day after

If I am holding hands with a girl then, it would be because of my queerness. I never thought that most likely, it would be because I’m Asian.

Jarea Fang | Class of 2022

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