Behind WashU Dining

WashU Dining serves thousands of students daily across BD, the Village, and the DUC. Student Life’s Junior Multimedia Editor Sanchali Pothuru joined the team as they prepared for a Wednesday lunch rush on campus.

| Junior Multimedia Editor

Inside Production Night

Producer Carlos Mendoza takes you behind the scenes into the work and shenanigans of “production night”. Everything from copy editing to laying out the pagination is highlighted alongside explanations from the editors of the paper.

| Producer

The Secret History of WashU: The Concrete Bunkers of Mudd and Eliot Hall

In The Secret History of WashU, Student Life Producer Jeremy Slaten shares the stories of the buildings that once defined the Danforth campus. The second episode explores the history of Mudd and Eliot Halls, which served as the home of the Law School and social sciences, respectively.

and | Producer and Contributing Producer

73 Questions With Dr. G

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Anna Gonzalez answers 73 rapid-fire questions while giving a tour of her St. Louis house. Covering everything from dinner parties to developments in higher education, Dr. G gives Student Life a glimpse into her life and her vision for WashU going forward.

| Producer

The Secret History of WashU: Prince Hall

In The Secret History of WashU, host Jeremy Slaten tells the stories of the buildings that once defined the Danforth campus. In the first episode, Slaten explores Prince Hall, which served as a dormitory and the original home of the Olin Business School. Through alumni interviews and archival footage, The Secret History of WashU peaks […]

| Producer

Missed Connection Couple Goes on First Date

Junior Spencer Kates and Sophomore Everett Davis were talking at a club when the party was abruptly broken up, forcing both men to end their budding conversation. After Spencer posted on Gaggl, an app where students can anonymously post their missed romantic connections, Everett decided to respond.

| Producer

Teachers Read Rate My Professor Reviews

In a StudLife spin on ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, Staff Writer Sanchali Pothuru sat down with Professors Bret Gustafson, David Strait, Richard Loomis, and Megan Daschbach to have them read their own Rate My Professor reviews live.

| Staff Writer

VIDEO: What to do with your COVID-19 tests

What’s the difference between pre-arrival and entry testing? This video has the answer to that question and more.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

VIDEO: Getting to know a women’s cross country transfer star as the Bears win their seventh straight conference title

In the days leading up to the championship, Student Life interviewed graduate student Kiera Olson, who has been one of several key scorers for the Bears this fall.

and | Senior Sports Editor and Staff Reporter

VIDEO: WashU campus comes back to life

Student Life staffers talked to WashU students across campus about what it’s like to have the full student body on campus again after more than a year of remote and hybrid instruction.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

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