The Secret History of WashU: The ROTC Fires of 1970 Trailer

In The Secret History of WashU, Student Life Producers Jeremy Slaten and Alan Zhou share the stories of the buildings that once defined the Danforth campus. This trailer provides a sneak peek of the fourth episode, which examines the history behind the burning of the ROTC building.

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WashU Seniors Anonymously Confess Their Secrets

From testicular cancer paranoia to police interrogations, 5 WashU seniors anonymously confess their secrets from the last four years. This video is part of Student Life’s Finish Line issue, celebrating the Class of 2024 at Washington University in St. Louis as they graduate.

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Can Professors Tell ChatGPT Papers From Student Papers?

Amidst the growing debate over AI’s role in the classroom, Student Life’s Managing Multimedia Editor, Sanchali Pothuru, and Multimedia Editor, Mireya Coffman, join three professors, Tarrell Campbell, Konstantina Kiousis, and Guy Genin, to see if they can distinguish between student essays and ChatGPT-generated content.

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One Semester Later: First-years Answer the Same Questions

Through interviews at the beginning and end of the fall semester, four first-year students reflect on on their growth over their first semester of college.

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The Secret History of WashU: Wohl Center

The third episode takes a look at the history of the once beloved hub of the South 40, Wohl Center.

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Behind WashU Dining

WashU Dining serves thousands of students daily across BD, the Village, and the DUC. Student Life’s Junior Multimedia Editor Sanchali Pothuru joined the team as they prepared for a Wednesday lunch rush on campus.

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Inside Production Night

Producer Carlos Mendoza takes you behind the scenes into the work and shenanigans of “production night”. Everything from copy editing to laying out the pagination is highlighted alongside explanations from the editors of the paper.

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When I Die

So, for this podcast, Editor-in-Chief Via Poolos and Senior Multimedia Editor Jared Adelman sat down with two people who are intimately familiar with the process of dying. In Act One, Dan Loesche explains Washington University’s Gift of Body donation program and what it is like to be a mortician. In Act Two, we talk with Barbara Finch, who is signed up to donate her body to Dan’s program when she dies. 

and | Managing Multimedia Editor and Editor-in-Chief

Eat STL: Balkan Treat Box

In this episode, Talkow talks with Edo, Loryn, and Emir Nalic, owners of Balkan Treatbox, about the intersection between food, family, and home. 

| Producer

Eat STL: Lefty’s Bagels

In this episode, Talkow talks with Doug Goldenberg of Lefty’s Bagels to explore how a pair of brother-in-laws pivoted their career paths to a New York-style bagel shop. The best part: Lefty’s Bagels are now served on campus seven days a week at Cafe Bergson, Bears Den, The Village, and Cherry Tree. 

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