Opinion Submission

Opinion Submission: Hatred and the need for empathy

It should be clear that any attack on any human is injustice; it is our moral obligation to free ourselves from these narrow walls, to recognize the humanity in one another and raise our voices against all forms of violence.

| Class of 2026

Opinion Submission: To support Israel you must also support Palestine

We, people who wish to see Israel exist as a healthy democracy, have to confront the reality that Israel has undergone an incredibly alarming rightward shift in recent years, and that Palestinians have paid the price for it.

| Class of 2026

Opinion Submission: Supporters of campus repression exploit the Israel/Palestine situation

We all should be wary of efforts to use legitimate grief and fear over the war to advance an old agenda that aims at the freedom that makes academic life so valuable.

| Senior Lecturer, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design; Lecturer, American Culture Studies

Opinion Submission: Stop the killing in Gaza, and end aid to Israel

There is no reason the U.S. should be aiding Israel and abetting war crimes. Yet the massacre of innocents goes on.

| Professor of Anthropology

Opinion Submission: Know where you stand

Be clear what you mean if you advocate for Free Palestine. 

| Class of 1982

Opinion Submission: A plea for Israeli-Palestine protests

I expect WashU students to condemn when dangerous rhetoric is spread, regardless of who it’s from.

| Class of 2025

Opinion Submission: Will WashU protect its Arab and Muslim students? Concerned faculty members condemn Seth Crosby’s racist statements and demand action

We must protect the value universities offer as spaces for mobilizing against injustice and critiquing ongoing forms of oppression. 

Opinion Submission: WashU must divest from Israel’s genocide

Student coalition calls for an October 25th walkout

Exposing the veil: Confronting racism & anti-Blackness in the political science graduate program

When I have highlighted the racism I’ve experienced, the political science department has flat-out refused to acknowledge the issues at stake.

| Former Grad Student, Political Science Department

Reminiscing on the pandemic

During the initial COVID shutdown and for the ensuing year, there was the never-before opportunity to physically slow down. This will sound strange, but bear with me: those months were some of the most enjoyable of my college experience.

| Class of 2023

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