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Opinion Submission: Pro-Palestine shouldn’t mean anti-Israel

To be “pro-Palestine,” one does not have to justify the horrific acts of terror that were committed on Oct. 7. To be “pro-Palestine,” one need not be anti-Israel. And being anti-Israel doesn’t make one effectively pro-Palestine.

Opinion Submission: Student Union Senate failed WashU’s Jewish community

The only substantive effect this resolution might have is intimidating and alienating Jewish students on our campus, and it is this effect that we can and must resist.

| Class of 2026

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed student’s response to pro-Palestine faculty letter

I found the faculty letter to be dishonest in its treatment of Crosby’s tweets, manipulative in its use of social justice terms to gain blind support for “freedom fighting,” and ignorant in its obsession with free speech and neglect of the patterns of anti-Jewish violence.

| Class of 2026

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