‘Nothing but bangers’: Chiddy Bang leaves it all out on Mudd Field

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Social Programming Board took over Mudd Field in preparation for hip-hop star Chiddy Bang’s performance on the stage where just a few weeks ago Fox News broadcasted during the second presidential debate. And Chiddy’s performance on Friday night certainly resounded with a bang.

Offering an opportunity for some students to throw back to their rap-enthusiastic high school days, SPB scheduled a performer well known by some but somewhat unknown by others. As confirmed by SPB member and junior Judah Burstein, Chiddy’s performance planning began four or five long months ago, on the basis of surveys presented to the Washington University community as to who they would like to see grace a campus stage.

“He writes nothing but bangers,” Luke Churchill, junior at Washington University and old-time fan of Chiddy Bang, said.

The night undoubtedly had a slow start, as the crowd trickled into Mudd Field and took advantage of the festival-like feel of the show. Senior and SPB Concert Director Dylan Minnick explained that concert location changes were made this year so that fans could leave and return from the stage premises if they needed a break from the music or atmosphere.

Though the outdoor, under-the-stars vibe made for a cool new venue, perhaps this openness made the crowd seem smaller than usual. In past years, this same annual concert has taken place in the Gargoyle. People certainly took advantage of this ability to leave during first act Cal Scruby, who set a negative opening vibe by screaming “What’s up, Washington State!” and throwing water onto an already chilled crowd. A few of his songs, too, would have better been left in the privacy of a college dorm room than blazed throughout campus.

However, Scruby was given a hard situation to work with, given the scrawniness of the crowd at the 6:30 p.m. start time. He performed a few of his own pieces and then converted over to remixes of some of today’s great hip-hop hits. Scruby really hit the nail on the head in terms of quality throwbacks when he began to play “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song near the end of his show, exciting the crowd before leaving the stage. Up next came DJ Yellow Bomb, who briefly amped the crowd up further for Chiddy waiting at the side of the stage in full audience view.

As Chiddy came on, the crowd seemed to explode to an unexpected degree, immediately singing along to the first song, “Breakfast.” While it was apparent that some of the crowd members were much more invested in Chiddy than others, particular “bangers” proved identifiable to a large majority, including the hit, “Opposite of Adults” off the 2010 album “The Preview.” Chiddy took the audience for a ride, even including moments where he asked everyone to take a moment to relax, acknowledged their presence through direct connection with waving fans and even partied so hard on stage that he scraped his head and started to bleed. But through the blood, sweat, (and tears?) of this public rager, a powerfully hype performance took form.

The night was even improved for both Chiddy and non-Chiddy fans alike by the addition of warm Noodles & Company provided for free. Chiddy ended the evening with words on his upcoming album, as well as with the song “Mind Your Manners” from his “Breakfast” album. In the end, Chiddy was able to engage old fans and new listeners alike, bringing them to the unique stage setting and encouraging people to have fun on their Friday evening—just as he did.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that SPB Concert Director Dylan Minnick is a senior.

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