Album Review: “Fuse” by Keith Urban

Caroline Gutbezahl | Contributing Writer

Keith Urban’s eighth studio album, “Fuse,” was released on Tuesday. The album is an update on Urban’s typical style of country with a pop flair, introducing more rhythm and blues and some sultry vocals. The album features only 13 tracks, but the deluxe version on iTunes offers three more for true Urban fans.

The album’s lead single, “Little Bit of Everything,” was released on May 20 and peaked at No. 6 on Billboard magazine’s Hot Country Songs chart. The song delivers a laid-back country song with hints of pop and R&B. It has movement and vibes as well, just like you’d want from a cool summer or fall song. Like many of the other tracks on the album, Urban seems very blissful and happy. The next single from the album, “We Were Us,” a duet with Miranda Lambert, will be released on Sept. 16. The song features more country twang, and Urban switches up the tempo often for an interesting song. Like most songs on the album, the track is a love song about a couple.

“Fuse” is heavy on love songs and songs that say, “You’re an awesome girl” and “I really love you,” yet it manages not to be too cheesy. It’s easy to get the sense that Urban is very in love, blissful and comfortable in his life. At times, the lyrics almost come across as teenager-like and too young for 45-year-old Urban to be writing about his wife (actress Nicole Kidman). Granted, it’s cute, but it also seems better suited for someone like a young Taylor Swift.

Though the subject matter is pretty one-note, the songs have varying sounds that offer a lot of variety. There are a few upbeat, very pop-music-like songs, some sadder country-pop ballads, a couple of true country songs and a cool collaboration with Eric Church, “Raise ’Em Up,” that seems like a country version of “We Are Young” by fun. and Janelle Monae. Another standout track on the album is “Shame.” It’s a more serious song, as the title suggests, but it’s very reflective and a great upbeat yet sad song.

The album is sure to produce a couple more successful singles for Urban in the upcoming months as it contains a lot of songs with the potential to be released as singles. “Fuse” is a great first dabble into country music for the pop fan as it has a lot of variety in sound and musical texture.

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