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‘The Age of Adz’ | Sufjan Stevens

After announcing that he would not complete the Fifty States Project—a project in which Stevens stated he would release a titled album for every state in the country—Stevens went on hiatus for several years and suggested his growing disillusionment with music, only to return with the gloriously erratic “The Age of Adz.”

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Everything in Between’ | No Age

[rating stars=3] Despite their chronology-averse moniker, No Age seems to be going through their awkward adolescent phase. This L.A. noise-punk duo strives for a more mature sound but refuses to fully abandon the youthful recklessness of their previous work, resulting in a batch of songs stuck in a tepid middle ground.

| Cadenza Reporter

‘Lisbon’ | The Walkmen

On “Lisbon,” The Walkmen embrace and celebrate the melancholy and longing that flowed throughout 2008’s elegiac downer, “You & Me.” These NYC indie-rock veterans have always leaned towards the darker side, but “Lisbon” flirts with feelings of happiness and contentment.

| Cadenza Reporter

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