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WU/FUSED and SJC invite students to share stories on economic diversity

WU for Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity (WU/FUSED) and the Social Justice Center (SJC) hosted an event titled “Money Talks” to highlight socioeconomic issues on campus.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Reporter

Ursa’s Nite Life makes strides towards more active space

Ursa’s Nite Life is seeing an increase in attendance at their social events after spending a significant portion of last year closed and unattended.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Reporter

Student for Justice in Palestine reacts to violence in Middle East, holds rally on Mudd Field

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: In an effort to show solidarity to the Palestinian people and respond to the recent actions of the Pro-Israel group Wash U Students for Israel (WSI), Students for Justice in Palestine, one of the newer student groups on campus, held a rally outside of Danforth University Center last Thursday.

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A Q&A with Washington University’s Emergency Support Team

On any given Friday or Saturday night, it’s easy to spot Washington University’s student-run, Emergency Support Team (EST) making its way around campus in its trademark Ford Escape labeled “EST” in large white letters. Especially on the weekend of WILD, EST is dedicated to safety. Student Life spoke with senior Jennifer Akin, the president of EST.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Writer

WU announces new time capsule to be placed in Athletic Complex addition

After uncovering a time capsule placed in the original Athletics Complex nearly 113 years ago, Washington University announced that it would place a time capsule in the cornerstone of the new addition to the Athletics Complex.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Reporter

Student Union forms PR committee to design, photograph for student groups

Student Union has formed a new committee meant to reach out to student organizations in need of help with publicity. The newly formed Student Union Public Relations Committee works with student organizations around campus to publicize their events through fliers, social media, photography and other methods of advertisement.

Jon Wingens | Contributing Reporter

Despite efforts, uberX still not allowed in St. Louis market

Ride-sharing company Uber has proven to be one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country with a valuation over $50 billion just five years after its inception—but you won’t see its usual fleet in St. Louis.

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Women’s soccer overwhelms Greenville in season opener

In their first game of the season on Tuesday night, the No. 22 Washington University women’s soccer team bombarded Greenville College with 33 shots on their way to trouncing the Panthers in a 5-0 victory.

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