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The NCAA is bad, most of the time: Learning to stop worrying and love Division III

Division III, for the most part, does not have any of the pretensions of professionalism that ruin Division I. That’s not to say the people who run Wash. U. sports aren’t professional—everyone employed by the athletic department is incredibly good at their job—but there is so much less money at stake that so many of the things that ruin college sports in general are more or less gone at the Division III level.

| Staff Reporter

Fashion on the field: A non-comprehensive ranking of WU sports jerseys

Good sports jerseys are not limited to the pros: our own Washington University Bears have a number of really choice uniforms. I would like to think that I have developed a pretty well-rounded opinion of the sartorial choices of the various Wash. U. teams over the course of my career as a sports reporter and editor, so briefly presented are four of my favorites.

| Staff Reporter

‘Enemy of the people’: Michael Barbaro on the future of American media

Every day, millions of Americans begin their days listening to the same voice. The New York Times’ podcast “The Daily” has become something of a cultural phenomenon, with over eight million listeners every month, and, as the show’s brand has grown, so has the ubiquity of the phrase that opens every episode: “From the New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro.”

| Staff Writer

Weekend sports roundup: Track and field take first, second at UAA championships, men’s tennis third at indoor nationals

The end of February is always a hectic time for Washington University sports, as winter sports head into the business end of their seasons and spring sports begin to ramp things up. Track and field, men’s and women’s tennis and baseball were all in action. Here’s how the Bears fared in their travels.

| Associate Editor

A conversation with poet and critic Hanif Abdurraqib about A Tribe Called Quest, the terrible nostalgia of cassette tapes

Usually, Thursday night readings at Hurst Lounge just about fill the room. But Thursday night, as poet and essayist Hanif Abdurraqib stepped behind the podium to read, the room was overflowing, with people crammed into the aisles and standing practically in the hallway to hear him read pieces that touched on everything from a fight in a New Haven pizza parlor to spades to the criminally overlooked Mary Clayton.

| Associate Editor

Life after death: Inside the afterlife of the East End pin oaks

Twenty-five miles from their original home at the Tyson Research Center in Eureka, Mo., the pin oaks—or what is left of them, at least—lie in storage, waiting for a homecoming.

| Associate Editor

More than one community: LGBTQIA* students find space(s) on campus

The ways that students explore their identities has led to the growth of a number of student groups, ranging from umbrella groups for all students across the LGBTQIA* spectrum to groups that provide space for specific identities within the community.

| Associate Editor

In 32nd straight NCAA tournament, volleyball seeks a return to the top

Playing deep into November is nothing new for Washington University’s volleyball team. When the Bears got formal confirmation that they would be in the field of 64 for the 2018 NCAA tournament, it was the 32nd consecutive year they received that news.

| Associate Editor

Two finales, different stakes: Men’s, women’s soccer prepare for Chicago

Though the two teams will be wearing the same colors in both games Saturday afternoon, the stakes will be very different, with the women looking to wrap up the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament and the men fighting for their playoff lives.

| Associate Editor

Student Life’s survival guide to voting in midterm races

Here are some of the races that you might see on your ballot if you’re registered to vote here in Missouri, and a guide to figuring out what district you’re in and where your polling place is.

| Associate Editor

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