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From tiny worm, a viral discovery

Scientists at Washington University have discovered the first naturally-occurring virus that can infect the nematode C. elegans, a 1-millimeter-long, transparent worm commonly used in the lab as a model to investigate complex biological processes.

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Medical school: Untrained bystander should forgo breathing and administer hands only CPR

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine have found that training CPR rescuers simply in chest compressions may be more effective than incorporating mouth-to-mouth breathing into the routine.

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Enloe: War hurts women harder

“War ripples on,” said guest lecturer Dr. Cynthia Enloe, who spoke Friday on the ramifications three wars in one and a half generations have had on Iraq’s social fabric.

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PaperCut supposed to cut printing waste, students have mixed feelings

In an effort to reduce printing waste, Student Technology Services implemented PaperCut last November.

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