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Discovering the galaxy (not so) far, far away: Spotlighting Sam Fox Art School fashion design students

As we are surrounded at Wash. U. by students embedded in the world of science, politics and business, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts may seem like a galaxy far, far away.

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Preserving American lives

On Sunday, Sept. 11, students held a memorial service for the 10th anniversary of the attacks. While most were concerned with the moving content of the service and personal ties and emotions regarding this anniversary, professor Heidi Kolk had a different concern. “No one was going to record it,” she exclaimed.

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Loving all bodies

For the women of Reflections, Eating Disorder Awareness Week extends over the entire school year. The student group consists of almost 20 women who meet weekly to discuss how to best promote eating disorder awareness and education.

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The Ghost Lights a cappella prepares to make its mark

With the cast of Glee and their catchy show tunes springing to the spotlight, it seems odd that out of Washington University’s many a capella groups, not one has focused on Broadway show music—until now. A new a capella group, GhostLights, came together in the spring of last year and its members are dedicated to singing exclusively songs from the theater.

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South 40 opens doors to community for Safe Trick or Treat

Halloween on college campuses tends to be associated with wild frat parties and barely ­there costumes, which probably wouldn’t scare anyone except for some of these girls’ parents. But every year Washington University’s Campus Y offers an alternative Halloween experience for students who don’t feel like participating in the underclassman sloppiness of Bauhaus and would rather relive the wholesome trick or­treating days of their childhoods: “Safe Trick or Treat.”

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