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Making miners into a movie… or two

My roommate was a Chilean miner for Halloween. Less than twenty days have passed since the 33 miners who were stuck underground for over 2 months emerged back into the world, and the costume was a hit. On October 13th, cameras were set up in the midst of a Chilean desert to publicize a live feed on countless new stations around the world.

Response to fraternity formal debate

The multitude of responses that I have received (both positive and negative) concerning last Monday’s “The not-so-hidden expectations behind fraternity formals” demonstrates that the pressure associated with fraternity formals is an important issue that many are interested and invested in. Of course there is controversy around the article.

| Forum Editor

The not-so-hidden expectations behind fraternity formals

As I’m riding in a bus filled with rowdy college kids en route to a fraternity formal, more than excitement and even anticipation, I’m feeling relief that my date isn’t some stranger who was desperate for a last-minute setup.

| Forum Editor

Save me from study abroad

The search for a study abroad program is a difficult process, a process that Wash. U. doesn’t make any easier. In the last five months I have spent countless hours and immeasurable effort researching possible study abroad opportunities. And less than one month before abroad applications for the spring of 2011 are due, I’m still without any concrete plan.

| Forum Editor

The future of social networking

Social networking has no doubt changed the way college students interact. Information is shared more frequently, relationships are easier to sustain and knowledge is spread at unprecedented speeds. From sharing photos to dating, social networking sites have transformed cultural norms that were once taken for granted.

| Forum Editor

The BlackBerry is taking over WU

BBM (BlackBerry messenger) just might be the most frequently used word that doesn’t show up in a classic dictionary. BBM is used as a verb (as in “I just BBMed her”), a noun (“Did you get my BBM?”) and even an adjective (“I’m her BBM friend”)–because simply being her friend is clearly not enough.

| Forum Editor

How to get the best of your housing experience

February fills our calendars with the start of exams and heavier work loads; we remember influential African-Americans during Black History Month; and Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to the couples about how very lucky they are while pushing the rest of us into a depression. In addition, there is one more element to this month that many Wash. U. students find particularly daunting.

| Forum Editor

The best kind of activist isn’t a politician at all

The best kind of political activist isn’t a politician at all. For anyone looking to make a difference or to sway the country with your ideals, take this advice: stay out of politics. We constantly see examples in the media of politicians engaged in never-ending battles to assert their party’s inherent superiority over the ideals of the opposition.

| Forum Editor

Picky eaters: Just try it!

Before coming to college I never considered myself a picky eater. I consumed each helping of vegetables and chicken my mom placed on our kitchen table without protest.

| Forum Editor

Coming to the homestretch

It’s about that time again. We’ve filled up on mashed potatoes and family. The two-week stretch before winter break is upon us. A typical Wash. U. student might approach finals in one of three ways. The first is to throw herself into studying—cramming after class, working before class, making note cards in bed, dreaming of chemistry equations, rehearsing vocab in the shower.

| Staff Columnist

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