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“Where Are My Panties?”

The Delta Gypsies. Number Two. Mix and the Dudes. The Backsliders. Moose Knuckle. Patchwork Dove. Repeat Offenders. If you have never heard of these bands, don’t worry—just a few weeks ago, they had never heard of themselves. On Jan. 8, a group of 35 strangers was divided by lottery into seven completely new bands. On […]

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“The Rhythm Section” invades University City

When senior Emily Silber learned that one of her sculptures had been purchased for permanent installation, she had mixed emotions. “I felt excited and a little nervous because I had never done anything like this before,” she said. “My roommates and I were screaming, and I immediately called my parents.” Silber’s work, entitled “The Rhythm […]

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Who are our faculty fellows?

It took Associate Professor of Political Science Andrew Rehfeld some time to convince his entire family to move into a college dorm.

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Forging a fellowship

Tim Bono could pass for an undergraduate. Not only does he look young and sound young for an ’05 Wash. U. graduate and a Ph.D. student, but he also lives on the South 40 as the only graduate student in Shepley Hall.

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Mother of Delmar: Winslow’s Home

When Ann Lipton walks around her store in jean shorts, sandals, half-moon reading glasses and her mild, relaxed smile, she exudes a motherly quality. Which is why it is not surprising that Winslow’s Home, a postmodern general store located west of the Loop on Delmar, was started out of concern for her daughters. “They never […]

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Adding Green to the Garden

Jean Ponzi, program manager at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Earthways Center, says,“It’s always nice to be a first.” Sassafras, the Garden’s restaurant is the first GRA-certified restaurant in the state of Missouri.

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