SU election rules committee proposes removing incumbent tags on ballots for upcoming election

A resolution to remove incumbent tags on all Student Union election ballots was proposed at the Student Union Senate and Treasury meetings.

Zachary Berman | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: Statement from black leadership on WILD

For these reasons, the Sept. 14 announcement that Lil Dicky, the San Francisco-based white rapper, would be headlining fall WILD was deeply disappointing and troubling. Blatantly put, Lil Dicky is problematic under the guise of a satirical millennial rapper.

Black leaders and SU Senators

Sports Club Board to re-form, advocate for club athletes

Director of Sport Clubs Sean Curtis, along with members of the Student Union Senate, is working to reintroduce a Sports Club Board as a governing body for club sports at Washington University.

Elena Quinones | Contributing Reporter

SU to host ‘Game Day’ event

To drum up school spirit, Student Union will host an event called “Game Day,” centered around the football game against Bridgewater College on Francis Field Nov. 11.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Student Union places new limits on student group appeals per semester

In an effort to optimize the usage of funds allotted in Treasury, Student Union has capped the number of successful appeals for student organizations per semester at three.

Emma Baker | Contributing Reporter

First Year Class Council elections see record voter turnout

First Year Class Council elections, held Sept. 19, recorded their highest-ever voter turnout numbers this year, with 56 percent of the total freshman class voting.

Zachary Berman | Contributing Reporter

Newly elected FYCC pushes for class unity, community engagement

In an election with record voter turnout, freshman Spencer Stewart prevailed to become president of the First-Year Class Council.

| Senior News Editor

SU releases strategic plan, seeks further alignment

In an effort to establish more unity between Student Union entities and hold members accountable, SU’s executive board released a strategic plan Wednesday.

| Editor-in-Chief

SU Senators urge President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to protect DACA

President Trump and Attorney General Sessions,

We strongly urge you to reverse your decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Student Union Senators

CDI makes permanent move to DUC

Renovations were completed in the Danforth University Center this summer to accommodate the relocation of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to the third floor.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter