Staff editorial: LLCs provide support system for participants

The Hamsini and Women in STEM LLCs are an incredible step forward for the University, but the design of even more structured LLCs would take pressure off of students to find people with a shared interest and instead bring more formerly isolated students together.

Letter to the editor: In response to the anonymous op-ed submission about the RA selection process

The safety and well-being of our students is always our top priority, and our team of well-trained and carefully selected resident advisers are here to ensure that the students living with us feel safe and supported.

Kawanna Leggett, Rob Wild | Executive Director of Residential Life, Dean of Students

First-years: Have a seat

The moment I stepped into my freshman dorm, my breath was taken away by the majesty of it all: The mirrored closets, the geometric carpet patterns, the Victorian-styled woodgrain furniture. However, with a single turn of the head, my moment was ruined. I saw the chair.

Thomas Humphrey | Freshman Press Writer

ResLife policy updated to ban drinking games, hard alcohol

In order to better comply with Missouri state law, the Office of Residential Life has made three additions to the alcohol policy for the 2017-2018 school year, including banning drinking games and the consumption of hard alcohol in the presence of those under age 21.

| Staff Reporter

ResLife to begin new housing software, late housing resolved

Washington University’s Office of Residential Life will unveil a new software system to be used during the housing assignment process during the next academic year.

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Sorority recruitment fee stays the same despite no early housing costs

Despite the Office of Residential Life keeping housing options open over winter break, the $100-$125 fee for women to go through the sorority recruitment process, part of which takes place during the latter stages of the break, will not be reduced as the Women’s Panhellenic Association was not informed of the changes to Residential Life policy until mid-November.

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ResLife housing to stay open for winter break at no additional cost

Students who live in Residential Life housing no longer have to pay a fee in order to stay in the dorms over winter break.

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Luxury student apartment building set to open in August

A new luxury student housing complex—complete with a rooftop pool and a yoga studio—will open on the east end of the Delmar Loop just prior to the start of the fall 2017 semester.

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Student petition advocates for change in Ursa’s study hours

An online petition requesting an increase in Ursa’s hours has garnered support from students and has received attention from the Office of Residential Life, which manages the space. While the venue used to host open study hours, it is now only open for specific programs through Ursa’s Nite Life and other campus groups.

| Contributing Reporter

Residential Life removes lowest-cost apartment options due to lack of demand, maintenance

The Office of Residential Life announced that three off-campus apartments previously offered by Washington University for student housing would not be available in the coming academic year via email on Friday.

| Senior Editor