Drew Michael obfuscates comedy as a genre

During his new 51-minute HBO special, Drew Michael ropes you into a confusing relationship—and it is awful. You cannot possibly know if your role is that of a friend, significant other, therapist or self, distinctions that are often blurred in reality.

Ayanna Harrison | Contributing Writer

Weekend Matinee: ‘Girls’ on HBO

“Girls” received a lot of attention from viewers, often male, wondering why it was important to show a fully naked Lena Dunham wandering aimlessly through an apartment or sitting on the toilet. Of course, Dunham was playing her character, Hannah, but these questions persisted.

Ayanna Harrison | Staff Writer

Watch whiteness work in HBO’s new drama ‘Big Little Lies’

Based on a novel by Liane Moriarty, “Big Little Lies” centers around the lives of three mothers from the wealthy town of Monterey, Calif., whose common denominator is that their children are all attending first grade together.

| Film Editor

March Madness: 5 TV events to finish out the month

Luckily for procrastinators, there are still almost two weeks of March left, and that fortnight is filled with exciting television events to keep you occupied and away from the books. Here are five of the best.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘The Newsroom’ returns to our screens this Sunday

“The Newsroom” is back! “The Newsroom” is back! Well, as of Sunday. Nov. 9 marks the premiere of the final season of Aaron Sorkin’s beloved (or hated, depending on who you are) cable-news drama and let me tell you guys, I am feeling emotional. Maybe it’s just the results of the midterm elections or maybe it’s the use of the recent past, but “The Newsroom” always manages to help me reflect back on earlier times.

| Staff Writer

‘Silicon Valley’ is a gentle but hilarious spoof of the tech industry

Despite achieving critical and awards success with smaller-niche comedies like “Girls” and “Looking” and getting insanely great ratings for dramas like “Game of Thrones” and “True Detective,” HBO is still missing its big comedy hit to follow up “Entourage.

‘Looking’ deserves the time to find itself

Since it was first announced and even before its premiere date, “Looking”—HBO’s new comedy series about the lives of three gay men in San Francisco—has been inundated with criticisms both fair and unfair. The show, created by Michael Lannan, finally premiered this past Sunday.

| Staff Writer

King returns to our screens in ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl’

If you don’t know who Ja’mie King is, you’ve probably known at least one friend who loves to quote her ad nauseam. The owner of some classic statements like “I would never go out with a guy that wasn’t into peace,” or “I don’t want to look slut, but sort of semi-slut,” Ja’mie King is one of the many personas of Australian comedian Chris Lilley.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

TV review: ‘Hello Ladies’

“Hello Ladies” brings the cringe back to television in the most awkward and comedic way. The pilot, which aired Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO, began with Stuart Pritchard (Stephen Merchant) introducing himself at a bar with his classic line, “Hello, ladies,” only to be almost immediately shot down.

| Elena Wandzilak | Staff Writer

New TV shows to fall in love with: Part I

Fall is soon to be upon us, and with the changing of the leaves comes new television pilots as well. With more than 30 different shows premiering, Cadenza chose its most anticipated pilots to preview. This is part 1 of our fall TV preview. “Dads” Fox, Sept.

Cadenza Staff