SU VP finance appointed after position unfilled in election

Sophomore Shelly Gupta was appointed as Student Union’s vice president of finance March 20, after the position went unfilled in the general election March 7.

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Senate, Treasury elect new leadership via internal process

Student Union appointed members to new leadership positions in Senate and Treasury through internal elections March 27.

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SPB announces leadership for coming year

Social Programming Board announced its executive board for the 2017-2018 school year, with one junior and two sophomores at the helm, Wednesday, Sept. 20.

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New CS40 Exec hopes to increase visibility

Freshmen Kyle Jeter and Daniel Grossman prevailed Friday in contested elections for Congress of the South 40 speaker and director of finance, respectively.

Jeter narrowly edged out freshman Natty Bernstein, garnering 51.5 percent of the vote to Bernstein’s 47.6 percent.

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So many good choices, so little time! My first presidential election

At the wise and ripe age of 18 years, the U.S. Constitution grants you the right to vote. Last summer, I dare say I got giddy because it was finally my turn to help decide which brilliant lawmakers we would elect in the next cycle. This presidential election will be my first vote that really matters (well I guess the Missouri primary did too, and that was quite the grudge match).

Rock'em Sock'em Bashers | Voting for Nader

Gephardt Institute prepares for voter engagement efforts

With preparation for the fall presidential debate underway, the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement is beginning their voter engagement efforts by appointing staff and researching how to best reach out to students.

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Sng, Kapur, Biswas win Student Union elections

Students voted to elect junior Kenneth Sng as Student Union president, sophomore Sankalp Kapur as vice president of administration and junior Vikram Biswas as vice president of finance in Tuesday’s election that saw a total of 40.7 percent of students vote, just nearly missing spring 2012’s record of 41.1 percent.

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Carpool encourages WU students to vote early

WashU For Bernie volunteers are driving Washington University students of all political stripes to the polls so they can vote in the Missouri primary.

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False rumors swirl as Student Union presidential race heats up

A “joke” propaganda video and other posts smearing the Student Union presidential candidates have emerged across social media in the days leading up to Tuesday’s election.

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Jeb!: A candidate about eight years too late

Next fall, Washington University is planning to bring two of the biggest liars and blowhards in the entire nation to our campus. Over the next weeks, our writers will take a good, hard, unbiased, completely serious look at the frontrunner candidates to get us prepared for Super Tuesday on March 1. We’re starting with Jeb! because he may not be around much longer.

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