Whatever happened to…Jonathan Taylor Thomas

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The TV Land Awards (hosted by my idol, the phenomenal Neil Patrick Harris) air this Sunday night and feature a number of TV show reunions. One of these shows is the ’90s sitcom “Home Improvement.” Everyone, even that chick who played Heidi, flew out to the ceremony: that is, everyone except Mr. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. So naturally, I was wondering: What better things did JTT have on his agenda that would keep him from reuniting with Al and the rest of the Taylor family? As it turns out: absolutely nothing. Last anyone noted, he was attending the adult program at Columbia University.

After pouring over IMDb, Wikipedia and random Google searches, all I could find out about the once-talented voice of young Simba was that he dislikes being called ‘JTT’ (he doesn’t understand why it is hard for people to pronounce his full name, but that is pretty obvious if you ask me); he’s 5 feet 4.5 inches and won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1999 Kid’s Choice Awards. A little premature? Probably.

But as I was clicking on various links, I was led into Taran Noah Smith’s (Mark—the youngest brother from “Home Improvement”) much more interesting life. After turning 17, Taran got married to someone named Heidi van Pelt, which would be fine except the fact that she was 33 years old at the time.

He and Heidi then moved to Kansas, where, after battling with his parents about his nuptials and trust fund, he opened a non-dairy cheese manufacturing company called Play Food. Taran and Heidi then moved to California and opened a vegan restaurant of the same name. But for some reason, the marriage didn’t work out, and after numerous court cases about company ownership, Taran and Heidi got a divorce. In 2006, Taran was arrested for trying to save the South Central Farm. And, on Sunday, you can see his environmentalist self along with the rest of the “Home Improvement” cast and comment on how strange he now looks.

So the moral of this all? Watch Neil Patrick Harris on “How I Met Your Mother,” “Doogie Howser” reruns and at the TV Land Awards, as he puts these child actors to shame, because he actually is legend—wait for it, wait for it—ary.

  • md

    “Steph” is really quite hateful. What Jonathon Taylor Thomas (really not that difficult to say) is doing is his own business.

  • angel bargas

    I would totally love to have Jonathan to myself!!! He is freaking adorable in everyway and I do not understand how you flipped from Randy to the less important Mark. I would love to know more about Jonathan.

  • some info on JTT
  • carlee

    the reason i watched the show was for brad and randy

  • charlotte

    so wait, jonathan taylor tomas is at columbia? where’s u find that? (im at columbia, never knew he’s here as well….)

  • Taran was the cutest kid from that show. He was the reason I watched it. Oh hell.. He was HOT! Now, although I respect his ideals…he HAS become a FrEAk!

  • andrea metzger

    taran noah smith is kinda wacked out… like i saw a pic of him and he looked weird… :D no effense to him or anything because if you get a chance to work with tim allen, then your pretty cool!