Saying goodbye to Stephen Colbert, America’s greatest hero

“The Colbert Report” is not a “real” news show, but nobody does political satire quite like Colbert. In fact, nobody since the writer Jonathan Swift has produced a body of work so effective at eviscerating its targets while retaining its humor.

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Spot them all: TV tropes in holiday episodes

Instead of just saying which classic episodes are our favorites, we decided to analyze some of the tropes we see year after year in these TV shows so you can start feeling academic and cultured while spotting them in all those holiday specials you’ll be using to procrastinate on your actual studying.

What to watch this holiday break—and with whom

ooking for something to do this holiday season? When you’re bored in your respective hometowns, heading down to the movies is almost always the popular option, partly because you can feel social while sitting in silence in the dark. And with Oscar season rushing upon us, winter break is usually filled with a wide array of movies for every type of audience member.

Bored over break? Write a play!

Usually, I get my artistic fix at home by visiting the art museum and making crappy arts and crafts for relatives. This year, I’ve found a better use for my imagination over break—playwriting. Thankfully, there are a ton of opportunities to submit work in St. Louis, so I suggest you make like a playwright and grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up in your hometown’s best coffee shop and write.

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Album review: “Talking is Hard” by Walk the Moon

To sum up “Talking is Hard”: it is a good album, but some of the trademark energy is gone. The album’s lead single, “Shut Up and Dance,” is more musically aligned with the first release, and that’s probably why the band picked it for the single.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Movie Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’

From the opening scene of the rubble previously known as District 12, to the characteristically cliff-hanger end only two hours later, “Mockingjay—Part 1” grips its audience in intrigued suspense for its entire duration, relenting not for a bathroom run or even a two-second glance at a watch.

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The best of SPB’s spring 2015 WILD and comedy survey

If you’re still stumped on how to rank the choices, Cadenza has picked both the artists and comedians we’d like to see come to campus next semester.

Album Review: “The Endless River” by Pink Floyd

This is the end of the line for Pink Floyd. Or, at least, so says guitarist David Gilmour, who called “The Endless River” the band’s final studio album. Syd Barrett is long gone. Bassist Roger Waters left back in the ’80s, claiming no further affiliation. Keyboardist Richard Wright passed tragically in 2008. Only Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason remain.

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Hollywood’s miracle men: How Phil Lord and Chris Miller manage to continue turning garbage into gold

Phil Lord and Chris Miller don’t make movies; they make miracles. Taking Hollywood’s most cynical, profit-driven ideas and injecting them with undeserved doses of wit and humanity, they violate every maxim that relates art and commerce in Tinseltown.

| Music Editor

Now Hear This!: Craig Ferguson at the Pageant

In just a month or so, you’ll no longer be able to see Craig Ferguson behind the hosting desk on CBS’s “Late Late Show.” But for those of you mourning the Scottish-American comedian’s departure from late-night TV, don’t fret: you can also see him live right here at The Pageant on Wednesday.

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