Whatever happened to…B*Witched?

If you don’t remember scream-singing along to B*Witched’s1998 hit single “C’est La Vie” (admittedly, this is less likely if you weren’t a girl), then you probably missed out on a large part of childhood.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

“Cheek to Cheek” by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Did anyone ask for this? Anyone? You? You asked for this? Listen, I get it. It sounds crazy enough: a collaboration between Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, singing jazz standards no less.

| Music Editor

‘Skeleton Twins’ strikes a perfect balance

Let’s go ahead and just fast forward to the inevitable ending of this article: the ending of “Skeleton Twins” was a little unrealistic. Okay. Moving on, because the majority of the 92-minute film was a well-written and beautiful depiction of depression, loneliness and the unbreakable tie of being a sibling.

| Staff Writer

FOX’s ‘Gotham’ looks to continue Batman craze

“Gotham” looks to emulate Nolan’s grim tone and achieves it in its own right by the end of the pilot episode.

| Staff Writer

STL dance darling visits, creates for WUDT

Residency in Dance Guest Artist Kameron Saunderes will perform an original piece at the Wash. U. Dance Theater this December.

| Theater Editor

‘Red Band Society’ gets a big red F

Although this show tries to stick out from the norm by pioneering a setting rarely seen on TV—a pediatric ward—it doesn’t accomplish what it intends to due to its obvious intention to avoid any real drama.

| Staff Writer

Brooks Wheelan’s stand-up proves he doesn’t need “SNL”

Between jokes about brick walls, stories about drug experiences and jabs at Lorne Michaels, Brooks Wheelan proved during his stand-up set at the Funny Bone in St. Louis on Thursday that getting fired from “Saturday Night Live” doesn’t mean you’re not funny.

| Social Media Director

Album review: ‘You Haunt Me’

Sir Sly’s debut is immensely impressive in that it was able to build beautifully upon an already flawless EP. The band’s sound can only be characterized as brilliant darkness.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

“That show is still on?”

The newest season brings a fresh batch of celebrity contestants, dazzling rhinestone outfits and perfectly punny comments.

| Staff Writer

Free performing arts events on campus this weekend

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend that won’t require a wallet, look no further than the performing arts events on campus. Take advantage of these amazing performances and artists right on our campus!

| Theater Editor