‘Meghanheads’ vs. everybody else in response to news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement

While young girls often dream of growing up to marry a prince and living a life filled with leisure, wealth and luxury, the prospect has always seemed further off for black women and women of color.

Ayanna Harrison | Staff Writer

How ‘#RewindBlurredLines’ continues to evolve every year

Every spring since 2014, freshmen have attended a performance about bystander intervention called “#RewindBlurredLines,” put on by Washington University’s Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Center.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

How many ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ covers do we really need?

There are plenty of good, modern Christmas songs and covers to play this season, so don’t waste your time listening to meowing cats or multiple versions of the same song.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

Study playlists to help you through your finals week

If you’re like me and can’t stand to do work in silence, here are some suggestions for the soundtrack to your finals success.

| Music Editor

Untold stories: Greta Gerwig on Sacramento and female relationships

For a number of student journalists across the country, these words opened the chance to ask anything of one of the most up-and-coming directors of 2017, Greta Gerwig. Gerwig, writer and director of “Lady Bird,” answered questions about her directorial debut, her inspiration and her process during a student conference call Thursday, Nov. 30.

| Staff Writer

See these instead of ‘House of Cards’ to avoid supporting Kevin Spacey

If still yearn for TV politics, check out “Scandal,” “Veep,” “The West Wing” and “Madam Secretary.”

| Staff Writer

Coffee with Joywave: Pranks, mugs, and inconveniencing the majority

Satire synth pop band Joywave is out with a new album called Content. And lead singer Daniel Armbruster likes coffee. Let’s talk about that.

| Senior Editor

‘Kiss’ brings the metatheatrical to the Wash. U. stage

“Kiss,” a play by Guillermo Calderon, revealed the hidden lives of those in war-torn Syria.

Katie Bry | Contributing Writer

What to watch in theaters this Thanksgiving break

“Coco,” “Wonder” and “Bad Moms Christmas” headline a collection of Thanksgiving movies to attend while you’re home.

Ali Gold | Senior Cadenza Editor

Audio Philes: songs for Thanksgiving

Lady Lamb, Ezra Bell and Motherfolk are family folk favorites. But maybe you want something more … energetic.

| Staff Writer