Into the WILD: Behind the scenes with Social Programming Board

After months of contract negotiations and logistical planning and promotion, all seemed to be well in the hours before Childish Gambino’s headlining performance during this year’s Spring WILD. But it’s the unexpected roadblocks that test the mettle of SPB.

| Music Editor

‘Birdman’ a wild but moving mediation on the artistic process

The boundaries between fiction and fantasy are not incredibly clear in this movie, and that’s the fun of it all. As Thomson, Keaton is hilarious and disturbing, incredibly grounded and yet fantastical.

| Staff Writer

New TV series cashes in on superhero mania

This past week was a big one for Marvel. At New York Comic Con, Marvel Studios, which is currently behind the production of all the movies based on the hugely successful line of Marvel comics such as “The Avengers,” teased its eager following of fans with footage from its upcoming line of TV shows. The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be ever-expanding, and shows no signs of stopping

Kayla Hollenbaugh & Joohyeong Lee | Cadenza Staff

Album review: ‘Anything Goes’ by Florida Georgia Line

Turn on a country radio station these days and after a while you’ll feel like you’re listening to the same song about trucks and beer over and over again. A full run-through Florida Georgia Line’s new album, “Anything Goes,” produces pretty much a similar experience; only a couple of slower tracks offset the list of rollicking country songs about back roads and day drinking that all seem to blend together around about the halfway mark.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Kenan Thompson is an exciting choice for SPB fall comedy show

What do you get when you combine a big name and some serious comedic talent with a pinch of childhood nostalgia and a dash of diversity? The answer: Kenan Thompson, “Saturday Night Live” cast member and the headliner of Social Programming Board’s recently announced fall comedy show.

| Social Media Director

‘Walking Dead’ premieres fifth season

On Sunday night, the most-watched cable television show in America premiered its fifth season to its usual fanfare. Despite being maligned viciously by critics over the past few seasons, we Americans still cannot have our fill of flesh-craving walkers eating slightly disheveled survivors.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

Theater Review: ‘Antigone’

Last weekend, Upstream Theater premiered the final installment of Sophocles’ Theban Plays, “Antigone,” from a new translation by David Slavitt, and the performance is nothing short of amazing.

Kendall Carroll | Contributing Writer

Why is this still on? ‘The Big Bang Theory’

I used to enjoy watching “The Big Bang Theory.” I’ve seen most of the syndicated episodes that run in three-hour marathons on TBS, as well as some of the newer seasons. But somewhere along the way, I became heavily disenchanted.

| Staff Writer

Now Hear This! Charli XCX at The Ready Room

If you want to feel particularly “Fancy” this Tuesday night, head on down to The Ready Room in the colorful Grove neighborhood to see Charli XCX hit the stage and wow the crowd with her trademark live show.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Review: ‘Cristela’ is revolutionary yet relatable

The pilot for “Cristela,” ABC’s new female-focused comedy, opens with aspiring lawyer Cristela (Cristela Alonzo) telling her mother (Terri Hoyos) that she will be interviewing for an internship at a law firm.

June Jennings | Contributing Writer