Cold War Kids up close

From their humble beginnings of practicing in a tiny apartment along the beaches of Long Beach, Calif., the Cold War Kids have the modest upbringing you’d expect of an originally obscure indie rock band. Yet since its startup in 2004, the band has experienced an explosion of popularity and fandom, allowing it to travel the world touring and even make its way to St. Louis this Thursday, Jan. 29.

Greer Russell | Contributing Reporter

Jump right in: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

“How to Get Away with Murder,” Shonda Rimes’ freshman drama, returns tonight for the second half of its season. Here’s an easy guide to understanding the complex plot so that you can save your binge-catching-up for the weekend and watch without confusion!

| Staff Writer

What the Oscars got wrong

This year, Cadenza picks the worst mistakes from 2015’s Oscar nominations.

A farewell to Chicky Parms: Comedy’s final season hits it out of the ‘Parks’

After the season’s strong debut, I was cautiously optimistic about immersing myself in Pawnee nostalgia one last time. Little did I expect to have to adjust my mental ranking of the sitcom’s top episodes, but then Tuesday night’s second episode, “Leslie and Ron,” aired.

| Editor-in-Chief

The top albums of 2014

As we fully move into the new music releases of 2015, it’s hard not to look back at some of the greatest albums that shaped the industry in 2014. Here is one final recap of the top albums of 2014. While Cadenza continues to consider and eagerly await 2015’s full-length releases, we can only hope that they match the quality of the 2014 offerings.

| Music Editor

‘American Sniper’ preview

Deemed the most lethal sniper in American history, Chris Kyle embodies the most patriotic and heroic values central to any famous war hero. Yet, as director Clint Eastwood is determined to show, he is not without his demons.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Reporter

Now hear this! Jukebox the Ghost at The Ready Room

What better time to get off campus and spend a few hours lost in live music than syllabus week? I certainly can’t think of one—and this upcoming Friday will present the perfect opportunity when Jukebox the Ghost visits St. Louis and posts up in the intimate yet always enjoyable venue The Ready Room. Even if you’ve never heard of Jukebox the Ghost, this three-piece indie pop outfit should be a perfect fit for fans of bands like Ra Ra Riot or Givers.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Saying goodbye to Stephen Colbert, America’s greatest hero

“The Colbert Report” is not a “real” news show, but nobody does political satire quite like Colbert. In fact, nobody since the writer Jonathan Swift has produced a body of work so effective at eviscerating its targets while retaining its humor.

| Staff Writer

Spot them all: TV tropes in holiday episodes

Instead of just saying which classic episodes are our favorites, we decided to analyze some of the tropes we see year after year in these TV shows so you can start feeling academic and cultured while spotting them in all those holiday specials you’ll be using to procrastinate on your actual studying.

What to watch this holiday break—and with whom

ooking for something to do this holiday season? When you’re bored in your respective hometowns, heading down to the movies is almost always the popular option, partly because you can feel social while sitting in silence in the dark. And with Oscar season rushing upon us, winter break is usually filled with a wide array of movies for every type of audience member.