Crosswords and cardboard: A day in the life of a Hitzeman student worker

With the exception of ultra-quick crosswords, Schwartz’s morning fits the bill of a typical WashU student’s routine — coffee, studying and class. But unlike many others, he has an additional factor to consider when scheduling his days: working at the South 40 mailroom.

| Contributing Writer

‘How’d you get a job on campus?’: Students struggle to find work at WU during the pandemic

Through my own experiences this year, work-study has provided me with minimal opportunities to work on campus. The website touts the program as a possibility to build your resume, but often these jobs are focused only in certain areas, such as working in a lab. While this may be beneficial for some, it leaves many students out. This has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

| Staff Writer

WU to support non-salaried workers as part of COVID-19 response

With non-salaried undergraduate, graduate and contract workers left unable to work at full capacity, Washington University administrators have committed to addressing their financial needs for the rest of the semester.

| News Editor

Op-Ed: Letter to the editor: All campus workers need $15/hr and free childcare

My anxiety about money is hindering my ability to take care of myself and other people in my life who matter to me.

Sarah Martin | Class of 2019

Work-study at WU: Does it get better than this?

While any work-study student will tell you it is nice to have an income for tuition and outside expenses, being a working student indeed comes with its drawbacks.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

Work-study in the mines to be offered for 2014-15 year

Pippi Longerstocking | Firm Hug-Whore

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