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Freshman’s Web site locates free food

While organizations across campus are busy trying to attract students to their events with free food, freshman Stan Rosenthal launched a Web site called nomealpoints.com to facilitate an exchange of this information. Nomealpoints.com launched on Jan. 19, the first day of spring semester, and lists all of the free food events that are happening on campus each day.

| Staff Reporter

IM registration transitions online

The Washington University Intramural Sports Department kicks off the spring semester with a change. All team registration will be handled through a new online format at imleagues.com. The Web site enables administrators to do scheduling online and provides new opportunities for IM athletes.

| Sports Editor

Nearing launch, SU site ‘more alive’

After three months of recoding and redesigning, Student Union’s new Web site is set to go live. This is the first redesign of the Student Union (SU) Web site in four years. The new site is expected to serve as a more dynamic, user-friendly resource for SU members and group leaders alike. “It’s a more […]

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