Trevor Mattea

What’s in a signature?

Junior Trevor Mattea, bottom-left, testified before Student Union Constitution Council late Tuesday night as one of his supporters held a sign that says ‘Give the People What They Want’ with 900 tally marks. The Constitutional Council held a fact-finding session in order to define what constituted a valid signature and whether a petition can be split up into multiple items on the ballot.

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Constitutional Council: Rule in favor of students

Whenever campus politics make enough noise to catch the attention of the student body, it is usually cause for celebration. We tend to believe that Student Union recognizes this as well. So when that very government puts up obstacles when a student tries to change things, we can only react with dismay. Over the past two weeks Trevor Mattea has sought signatures for nine proposed amendments to SU’s constitution.

VP admin resigns due to frustrations with SU

In an Student Union press release, the Executive Council announced that Trevor Mattea, vice president of administration, would be resigning from his post, effective in two weeks. Mattea, a junior, made the announcement to the Executive Council on October 16.

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