SU’s removal of freshman slates shows encouraging signs

The dissolution of the slate system removes a cumbersome barrier to entry for freshmen, allowing more interested students to run and fostering a more competitive environment that should lead to stronger slates overall and greater voter participation. The new electoral system, in turn, will lead to better Freshman Class Council-sponsored events and activities while nurturing a culture of political commitment on campus.

Greater visibility needed for new Student Union exec

With Elevate! sworn in this past Thursday, we are interested in seeing what parts of its platform the slate plans on following through and what changes will occur within Student Union in the coming year. A primary issue that we see within Student Union now is a general lack of visibility and clarity.

Student Union debates draw negligible interest

For the 20 or so people present, things got serious in room 276 of the Danforth University Center Monday night, even as music and laughs could be heard from the “Frozen” movie screening down below. The event was a debate between Connection Slate and Elevate! Slate, the two contesting slates for this year’s Student Union executive board election.

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Connection 2014 on why we must connect

A disconnect exists between Student Union and the student body, and within Student Union itself. We seek, as Connection, to connect these separate pieces, and, in doing so, create a more cohesive student body and a more effective student government. We have based our platform on eight core ideas, or puzzle pieces: Advocacy. Transparency. Diversity. Inclusion.

Connection SU Exec 2014

Why we’re running for Student Union Exec

In light of Student Union elections this coming Wednesday and Thursday, we wanted to introduce ourselves and share why we decided to run. Our slate, Elevate!, is Emma Tyler, Nick Palermo, Vivek Biswas, Brian Benton and Laura Roettges, and together we hope to represent the student body as Student Union Exec for the 2014-15 school year.

Elevate! for Student Union Exec

Few attend SU debates, exec candidates discuss developing platform

Fewer than two dozen students attended this year’s Student Union debates and nearly half of them were candidates.

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Impending SU elections face potential empty positions

Campaigning for Student Union elections begins on Monday but only one slate has declared interest for executive positions—and the slate has yet to find all necessary members. The slate, headed by presidential candidate and current Vice President of Administration, junior Matt Re, has not yet selected a candidate for Vice President of Finance.

Slates hurt election competition

Wednesday was the end of elections for Student Union positions and block funding. We now believe that it would be a good time to discuss a very real problem with our student election system: the slate system.

Narrow margins mark spring SU election results

[open] slate enters SU race with forum

In front of about 60 supporters, sophomore Morgan DeBaun and her slate, [open], announced their intentions to run for Student Union executive positions and explained their platform on Wednesday night. The slate is the second to enter the race after Bold Slate, led by junior Nate Ferguson, announced its run last week.

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