What to watch this week: Returning television premieres

Cool weather has finally returned to St. Louis, so the best way to spend your evenings is inside, curled up in front of the TV. Don’t miss your favorite returning shows like “Parks and Recreation” or “How I Met Your Mother.” Cadenza previewed what we think will be the best shows premiering this week.

“666 Park Avenue” adds horror and highrises to ABC Sunday nights

I’m not entirely sure if I will end up wanting to take up a permanent residence at The Drake, but I certainly am intrigued to see what happens next week on ABC’s “666 Park Avenue.” If you missed the first episode, and you’re interested in watching it, stop reading now and come back afterward.

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The Cadenza verdict on the new TV season

It’s October, which means that most of the new shows from this pilot season have premiered, some of them with extremely good numbers. There haven’t been as many early or memorable cancellations as usual. Could we be looking at a repeat of 2004, when such gems as “Lost,” Grey’s Anatomy,” Desperate Housewives,” “House” and “The Office” premiered?

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