Proposition N

Prop N passes by wide margin

St. Louis County voters approved the smoking ban measure Proposition N by an overwhelming margin in Tuesday’s election, which saw low turnout throughout the county.

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Smoking ban to go before county voters

St. Louis County voters will render their verdict on a controversial smoking ban ballot measure on Tuesday, in an election that is expected to have very low turnout.

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Exemptions in Proposition N are unfair to local businesses

On Nov. 3, St. Louis County voters will weigh in on Proposition N, which will ban smoking in enclosed public spaces, along with sidewalks and other outdoor spaces within 15 feet of the entrance to a public building. The ordinance would exempt casino gaming floors and bars that receive 25 percent or less of their gross sales from food.

“Yes” on Proposition N is a vote for a clean, healthy community

Imagine if, in a single minute of your time, you could help lessen the incidence of lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory illnesses in St. Louis County. Would you act? Well, you can. All you have to do is vote “yes” for Proposition N on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Martha Bhattacharya | Op-Ed Submission

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