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Student committee members and activists dissatisfied with WU public safety report

After Washington University’s public safety committee released its final report, many of campus’ student activists involved in its creation expressed disappointment in the limited scope of the recommendations.

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Instagram account ‘@stillwaiting_washu’ reveals inadequacy of WU mental health services, pushes for better resources

The anonymous instagram account @stillwaiting_washu, which provides a platform for students to anonymously share their negative experiences with the University’s mental health services, has spent the last two months raising awareness of inadequate mental health resources and calling for change.

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SU Mental Health Fund launches for 2019-2020 school year

The Student Union Mental Health Fund, launched in October 2018 for its pilot year, will continue to allow students with financial need to receive funding towards mental health care.

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SHS introduces online mental health services program

Student Health Services now offers an online therapy program, Therapist Assisted Online, to improve student mental health care.

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