Live Nation Missouri director of sales talks music, getting experience

High Note Music Industry Collective, a cross-disciplinary organization that strives to create opportunities for students to network and learn about the different facets of the music industry, provided Washington University students the unique opportunity to discover the inner workings of live music event promotion through hearing from Nic Zamora, Missouri director of media and sponsorship sales for Live Nation Entertainment, in the Skandalaris Center Nov. 21.

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Contributing Writer

Thorp LinkedIn blog offers advice to candidates in administrative searches

Provost Holden Thorp decided to take on a different sort of project this summer—one that made use of his depth of experience working as an administrator in institutions of higher education.

| Staff Reporter

The new ‘Portfolio’ is redundant

Last week, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership unveiled a new program intended to help students organize their extracurricular activities.

Resolution to give students access to alumni

Student Union Senate passed a unanimous resolution Wednesday that aims to give current Washington University students access to the alumni database. This change would enable students to network with alumni in a larger capacity than is currently possible. The Alumni and Development Office currently keeps the database private.

| News Editor

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