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I’m writing this having come from a speech by Karl Rove, held in Graham Chapel Monday night.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but the man manages to instill an even deeper sense of dread in person than he does on TV. Honestly, watching him talk is like watching a python feed.  So to […]

Students on both sides can learn from Rove

Karl Rove’s appearance on campus a mere 27 hours before the polls closed in Missouri was, whether you enjoyed it or not, a useful educational exercise, not just for the College Republicans who invited him, but for democrats, independents and undecided students. Judging by the line of students stretching beyond the Business School waiting to […]

Students’ reactions to Rove range from pride to criticism

No matter what they thought of Karl Rove’s words on Monday night, students reacted powerfully to the message that he sent before, during and after the speech, and particularly in a question-and-answer session that featured challenges to Rove’s record and the message he sends, as well as praise for his efforts on behalf of the […]

Rove analyzes political scene on eve of election

Speaking to a packed Graham Chapel Monday night, conservative political analyst and former White House advisor Karl Rove spoke about the current election cycle, giving credence to his career with the Republican party by questioning the experience of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Rove, who gained his reputation by guiding President George […]

Rove speech brings focus to rhetoric

With the presidential campaigns intensifying over these past few weeks, it seems appropriate that Karl Rove, the controversial architect of President Bush’s 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns, will speak at Washington University on Monday, the eve of Election Day. For a price of $35,000, the College Republicans have invited Rove, considered by some as master […]

Treasury approves Rove speech

After nearly an hour of passionate debate Tuesday night, Student Union Treasury voted to approve a $35,000 emergency appeal to bring Republican political strategist Karl Rove to campus.

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