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Super Bowl LVIII Preview: What to watch for in this year’s big game

Super Bowl Sunday is on the horizon, and the NFL has narrowed its 32 squads to two teams competing for the Lombardi Trophy. This article will preview the most important game of the season, as Sunday’s matchup will bring glory to one fanbase and heartbreak to another in Super Bowl LVIII.

| Staff Writer

Super Bowl Sunday taught me a lesson that had nothing to do with football

Chronicling the search for chicken wings on one of the biggest chicken wing consumption nights of the year.

| Staff Writer

Same as it ever was: Chiefs rekindle annual tradition of disappointing me

History will remember the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs as just one of the field, a road block between the inevitable Tom Brady and his seventh championship.

| Senior Sports Editor

The existential horror of Clyde Edwards-Helaire

On the psychology of seeing a younger, smaller athlete on your hometown team.

| Senior Sports Editor

21 years as a race, 21 years as a marathon

I’ve lived 21 years as a sports fan. Franchises rise from the dregs of a league to the pinnacle of excellence in 21 years.

| Senior Sports Editor

Same as it never was: Kansas City Chiefs flip the script after 50 years

Down ten points in the fourth quarter, I had settled for mediocrity. I had accepted the Chiefs were destined to be the first place loser.

| Senior Sports Editor

The beauty in defeat: Lessons from a season of high expectations

I’ve had the misfortune of watching two of my favorite teams—each an apparent juggernaut in their sport—suffer unexpected losses this season. In the moments after these losses, I felt the urge to overreact, but as time went on, I felt something I hadn’t expected: relief.

| Senior Sports Editor

Same as it ever was: The Chiefs continue their annual trend of disappointing me

When I turned on the game, seconds before Sony Michel punched in his first score of the day, I knew that victory was already out of reach.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

The Chiefs aren’t just Kansas City’s team: they’re Missouri’s team

The Kansas City Chiefs play their games in Missouri and have a solid fan base as far east as Columbia. Why shouldn’t that sphere extend to St. Louis?

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

The beauty in defeat: Takeaways from a year of losing

Having joined the Washington University community this year, I started following the results of our sports teams. The results of the year fit with the results of my other favorite teams. The Wash. U. women’s soccer team had an impressive season, but they exited their pursuit of another championship earlier than expected.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

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