Opinion submission: WashU, support first-gen, low-income students by extending the First Year Startup Grant

The Student Union Senate calls on the University to extend the First Year Startup Grant administered by the Financial Aid office for a second year, as a means of easing laundry costs for students receiving financial aid and providing a comprehensive support system in and out of the classroom. 

, , , , and | Student Union Senate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Members

Op-Ed: It’s time to end fraternity houses

It is embarrassing that Washington University currently offers zero dedicated buildings for students of diverse racial, socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds: Turning over fraternity houses to underrepresented students is a necessary first step to reverse this trend.

Ranen Miao, Student Union President | Undersigned Student leaders

‘Frankenstein’ opens up a dialogue about medicine, science and inclusion

When a college student says they have Saturday night plans, going to a lecture isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. When I filed into the Clopton Auditorium on Washington University’s Medical Campus just before 7 p.m. on Saturday, however, that’s exactly what I was doing.

Jonah Goldberg and Isabella Neubauer | Contributing Writers

Op-ed: Identity and exclusion

Coming to a university like Washington University means meeting people of all kinds of different identities, experiences and lives. Coupled with this is the need to mature. But what buttresses all of this is the fear of exclusion.

Nicholas Kinberg | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: Diversity in the physics department

Over the course of the past month, a member of our physics department has taken to the columns of Student Life to opine on the place of diversity and women in physics. His polemic engendered quite the furor, and, in such light, we recognized the need to make clear to the Washington University community and beyond our explicit goals for rectifying the department’s lack of diversity.

The Physics Department Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee Members

Day of Discovery and Dialogue provides forum for discussion despite student concerns

Despite concerns about the intent of the event, the Day of Discovery and Dialogue, which was designed to open a discussion at Washington University about issues of diversity and inclusion, was hosted on the medical school campus last Wednesday and on Danforth Campus last Thursday.

| Staff Reporter

Let’s stop allowing niceties to prevent meaningful discussions about diversity

To what end are we filling out the Campus Climate Survey? The stunningly non-communicative email accompanying the survey link gave no hints as to what the Mosaic Project’s Assessment and Benchmarking Group hopes to learn from the data collected, or how said data will be applied.

Kierstan Marie Carter | Class of 2016

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