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Weekend Matinee: The Resident

“The Resident” is a new show that gives “Grey’s Anatomy” a run for its money.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ gets some red and green flair

Seattle Grace Hospital outsourced to the Washington University School of Medicine this year, recruiting Dr. Susan E. MacKinnon for her medical advice on an urgent case—that of Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), heartthrob and leading character on ABC’s medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.

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Sick of Homework? Here’s Even More TV!

THURSDAY Community NBC, 7 p.m. “Community,” returning for its third season, centers on self-obsessed fake lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) and the group of friends that he meets when forced to attend community college. The show is great at its portrayal of classic TV tropes while managing to turn them all on their head.

‘Miami Medical’

From Jeffrey Lieber, the co-creator of “Lost,” and Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer of “CSI” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, comes “Miami Medical,” CBS’s newest medical drama. The pilot starts with a bang—a restaurant explodes, and a young couple is sent to one of the top trauma hospitals in the country, a place described as the “last seconds for a doctor to save your soul.

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Cadenza Fall TV Schedule

Here at Cadenza, we love us some TV. In fact, we love it so much that sometimes we have to hate on a show to love on another. We spent weeks compiling our Master Television Listing, but it was never perfect. We had our hearts and souls invested in a couple of these shows, and […]

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