Fadel Alkilani

Alkilani resigns as Student Union VP of Finance

“It is no longer reasonable for me to shoulder this burden,” Alkilani wrote in an email to student group officers Jan. 12.

| Managing Editor

WU sanctions Alkilani with probation, $500 fine and essay for flag removal, per confidential letter publicized by College Republicans president

News of the sanctions became public Wednesday evening after the College Republicans president released Alkilani’s “personal and confidential” Student Conduct outcome letter.

and | Editor in Chief and Managing Editor

Student groups condemn Islamophobia as College Republicans reiterates calls for Alkilani’s expulsion amid University’s silence on threats

Multiple students groups have condemned the Islamophobic comments and threats following senior Fadel Alkilani’s removal of the flags, while College Republicans have called for his expulsion.

and | Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

WU condemns removal of 9/11 commemorative flags as SU vice president Alkilani defends actions amid calls for disciplinary measures

The condemnation came as the president of the College Republicans called for Alkilani’s expulsion from the University or other punishment and as national conservative media outlets have picked up the story.

and | Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief

Voters select Abdallah Belhadj, Fadel Alkilani and Miriam Silberman in three contested Student Union executive elections

Student Union’s spring election was characterized by a lower than usual level of competition, while the field of candidates differed over the importance of experience versus new ideas for advocacy, March 30.

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