Green Action files legal complaint against WashU

The environmental advocacy group Green Action WashU, formerly known as Fossil Free WashU, announced its filing of a legal complaint against Washington University at the Fossil Fuel Divestment Rally this Monday, Oct. 30. 

and | Contributing and Staff Writer

WU-SLam poets perform in first scored event of the year

From goth culture to police brutality, spousal abuse, anxiety and saving the planet by falling in love, WU-SLam poets immortalized experiences and circumstance in spoken word this past Friday; the lighthearted and the severe, the mundane and the momentous. This event was the first scored slam of the year put on by WU-SLam.

Ellie Ito | Contributing Writer

Letter to the Editor

Hundreds of printed newspapers languish on racks across campus, never touched.

Fadel Alkilani | Class of 2022

Why you should give a flush: On the unfortunate nature of automatic toilets

Many may disagree with this; automatic flushing means that you do not have to come into contact with the dreaded toilet handle.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Hunting season: Trump’s war on public lands

Since President Donald Trump took office, I’ve tried to figure out why oft-repeated lines lambasting his endless shortcomings—his feuds with Gold Star families, his barely comprehensible Twitter rampages, his lack of knowledge about the government he runs—stir in me such a strong sense of annoyance.

| Staff Writer

RARA brings environmental awareness with ‘Ruin & Renewal’

Greed, gluttony, oil spills and destruction. If it concerns a hot social issue, Residential Areas Real Art (RARA) will likely have an entire collection of artwork to address it. The group was founded in 2009 by two Washington University students to showcase student artwork in hopes that it would grasp the attention of the greater St. Louis community.

Eco to-nowhere: Transition not bridge to greener pastures

Hot on the eco-friendly heels of Paws & Go’s plastic bag embargo, Wash. U. student group Net Impact aims to implement an expansion of its Eco To-Go box initiative.

The invisible Green Cup

Most students are familiar with the efforts of Washington University to “go green” and make its practices more sustainable. Perhaps its biggest event to increase environmentally-friendly habits among Wash. U. students is the Green Cup.

Professor Bill McKibben presses for divestment from fossil fuel

For Bill McKibben, the only way to fight climate change is to dismantle the fossil fuel industry’s grip on society. The prominent environmental activist spoke to a crowd that packed Graham Chapel on Nov. 1. The diverse audience included students, faculty and local community members.

Renewable Energy Taskforce seeks alternative power source for Wash. U.

A newly launched Washington University’s group is bringing students and faculty together to find novel renewable energy solutions to power the University away from unsustainable sources. Chartered by Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration Henry Webber, the taskforce will explore potential opportunities for using renewable sources of energy for the University.

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