Mental Toll of Climate Change on WU Students

The idea that our lifestyles are poisoning our universe’s only oasis of life is profoundly disturbing. Even more distressing is how humanity’s response is like the proverbial frog in boiling water – simply acclimating to an increasingly dangerous environment until its complacency becomes a death sentence. 

| Contributing Writer

Composting expands across campus, hits South 40 residence halls

Washington University celebrated a sustainability victory this semester as composting efforts expanded both in residential halls and dining facilities across campus. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated students and like-minded faculty members, composting is now available at the Danforth University Center, Parkside Cafe and every dorm on the South 40.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Decreasing disposables: the road to zero waste at WU

As new composting initiatives pop up on the Danforth Campus, it’s clear that Washington University is starting to join this eco-friendly movement. But the processes that the different forms of waste undergo once they leave the hands of students remain a mystery to many.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

WU Green Ambassadors to expand compost program

The Washington University Green Ambassadors will expand their residential compost program to include four more dorms on the South 40.

Grace Stohr | Staff Reporter

W.I.L.D. to go landfill-free after Treasury vote

Both fall and spring W.I.L.D.s, as well as the remaining 21 Happy Hours of the school year, will be fully compostable and zero-landfill after Student Union Treasury awarded $8,200 to Social Programming Board.

| Senior News Editor

SPB’s first W.I.L.D. features new sustainability measures, more festival-style atmosphere

This year’s WILD saw more headlining artists, novel sustainability efforts and new day events, under the direction of the Social Programming Board (SPB), created in November. The concert, which featured performers Yeasayer, Mat Kearney and Atmosphere in a festival-style lineup, was the first to be organized by SPB.

| News Editor

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