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College Democrats and College Republicans debate immigration, free speech on campus, and the Israel-Hamas War

WashU College Republicans (WUCR) and WashU College Democrats co-hosted their Campus Crossfire Debate in Tisch Commons, which led to discussion over immigration, free speech, the economy, and the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Tuesday, Nov. 14. 

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University ranks No. 135 on College Pulse’s 2024 College Free Speech Rankings

Washington University ranked No. 135 in College Pulse’s 2024 College Free Speech Rankings amongst 248 ranked colleges. The university received a score of 45.26 out of 100 points, leading its speech climate to be categorized as average.

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Constitutional Council rules Treasury denial of College Republicans speaker unconstitutional  

Student Union’s (SU) Constitutional Council determined that SU Treasury demonstrated political bias when representatives chose not to fund a speaker appeal from the Washington University College Republicans (WUCR), a violation of SU’s Constitution, in a unanimous opinion released on April 5. 

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Opinion Submission: Diversity of thought doesn’t include hate

I cannot understand the choice to bring Amala Ekpunobi, a transphobic content creator for PragerU, to Washington University’s campus (nor can I understand paying almost $11,000 for her). As a member of the SU Treasury, I spent hours combing through Ekpunobi’s videos, and they seem to show a clear contempt for the identities that many people hold on this campus.

| Student Union Activities Committee Chair

Opinion Submission: The Amala Ekpunobi speaker event and the case for listening to differing views

I firmly believe that those who find themselves politically at odds with Ekpunobi should especially attend the event to improve their understanding of views they may not personally agree with.

| Social Chair of WU College Republicans

SU Treasury approves over 11 thousand dollars for conservative commentator Amala Ekpunobi to speak on campus

Student Union Treasury approved an $11,208.95 budget to fund Amala Ekpunobi, a conservative commentator, to speak at a College Republicans (CR) event titled “Why I Left the Left,” Nov. 15.

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College Democrats and Republicans debate the nation’s most pressing topics at Fall 2021 Campus Crossfire

The College Democrats and Republicans debated a variety of issues at the 2021 Campus Crossfire event

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Student groups condemn Islamophobia as College Republicans reiterates calls for Alkilani’s expulsion amid University’s silence on threats

Multiple students groups have condemned the Islamophobic comments and threats following senior Fadel Alkilani’s removal of the flags, while College Republicans have called for his expulsion.

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Editor’s Note Episode 20: Proposed MO bill threatens protest

In this week’s episode, we explore what’s in a proposed Missouri law and what it would mean for student protesters.

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WU students use new streamlined process to cast votes at the Athletic Complex, as Republicans maintain hold on Missouri

A streamlined voting process enabled a smooth Election Day for on-campus Washington University undergraduate voters, as Republicans swept Missouri’s elections and won a swing House district just west of the University.

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