Best Of

Best pizza

Pi’s biggest claim to fame is also what tends to draw new customers—its pizza is President Obama’s favorite. In fact, he paid to have the restaurant’s chefs flown to D.C. in order to cook their cheesy deep-dish delicacies for a White House dinner.

Best bar

Sometimes simpler is better. With dart boards, pinball machines and a jukebox inside, Blueberry Hill has a low-key vibe that’s perfect for students. Patrons are friendly, laid back and always open for conversation.

Best karaoke

If you’re looking for a classy way to turn 21—or 45—Talayna’s is your best bet. Owned and operated by the legendary Mike Talayna, the karaoke bar (and former strip club!) offers mirrored walls, disco balls and an entertaining swath of local culture.

Best greek event

There are certain things that we’re deprived of in college—babies, home-cooked meals, a normal sleep and laundry schedule—and puppies definitely fall into this category. That’s why Chi Omega’s Rent-A-Pet is genius.

Best restaurant

Located in a midtown parking lot tucked away off Olive St., Pappy’s is known for its almost absurdly delicious Memphis-style ribs. “Pappy’s is the single best meal you can get in St. Louis. By far the best barbeque I have ever had. It’s all about the ribs,” said senior Adam Savaglio, a frequent diner.

Best annual party

Though they may spend the vast majority of their time tucked away in studio, art school kids sure know how to throw a party. Every year in April, Art Prom hits the Wash. U. scene as a fantastic “last hurrah” before the finals hibernation period.

Best class

While many of our classes prepare us for our professional aspirations, no class better prepares us for personal interactions than Intro to Sexuality Studies.

Best secret study spot

When it’s time to crack down on work, you can hit up a familiar study spot like Olin Library, where you’re guaranteed to find hundreds of other suffering students. Or, you can opt for a quieter, lesser-known location: the DUC Formal Lounge.

Best professor

Three times a week at 11 a.m., students rush the doors of Lab Sci 300, shoving past the stream of winded freshmen trying to leave. The students are hurrying to get their front-row seats for optimal viewing of professor Richard Loomis’s next general chemistry lecture.

Best Wash. U. philanthropic event

There’s no question about it—The Linus Foundation is really good at two things: planning parties and giving money to children’s charities.

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