bear’s den

From behind the plexiglass: The people who make up the Bear’s Den

No matter how many booths are blocked off by blue tape, the people who make BD what it is are still there.

and | Staff Writers

As WU temporarily suspends indoor dining, South 40 residents say goodbye to dining in BD

Following the St. Louis County Health Department’s decision to restrict indoor and outdoor dining, all indoor dining was closed on Washington University’s Danforth Campus, Nov. 16.

Gabby Hyman | Staff Reporter

On-campus dining involves new safety precautions for workers and students

While all dining areas except for the law cafe are open and running, many have reduced hours and have altered processes to fit social distancing guidelines.

Elisa Xu | Contributing Reporter

GoFundMe supports family of deceased Bear’s Den worker

A student-organized GoFundMe raised $680 to support the daughter of Bear’s Den worker Kat Davis, who died over winter break.

| News Editor

The Bear’s Den Philly steak sandwich is the real deal

The idea of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich made outside the city of Philadelphia just doesn’t sit right with them. I admit, I was skeptical of the Bear’s Den Philly when I first got it. That skepticism faded away two bites in.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Editor

SoFo Diner offers greasy spoon goodness on South 40

Lovers of classic diner breakfast have found their perfect Sunday spot right on the South 40 at the SoFo Diner, which served students for the second time Sunday morning in the Studio 40 Kitchen.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

The questions Datamatch should have asked to help us find love

Valentine’s Day has arrived. Love is in the air. Maybe you’ve caught a whiff of it through the Datamatch results that were released this morning. Or maybe you think that regardless of how funny some of the questions may have been, online algorithms will never help you find that special someone. Or maybe you didn’t even consider doing it. Either way, we know you probably have some thoughts on the survey. Here’s what we think Datamatch should have asked

Scene Staff

Video: The Failure Friends become the better, freer version of Postmates

Watch as the Failure Friends embark on a new business venture

HN Hoffmann | Digital Contributor

Video: ‘The Failure Friends’ go fishing in Bear’s Den

In the newest episode of “The Failure Friends”, the gang fishes for new companions.

HN Hoffmann | Digital Contributor

Scene staff looks forward to another year at Wash. U.

Returning for a new academic year at Washington University can mean revisiting familiar frustrations, but it also brings about joyful reunions with some favorite, unique aspects of Wash. U. Here, the Scene staff shares the elements of campus life to which they are most excited to return this year.

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