Bear Bucks

A week of eating exploration: Reviewing five campus dining options

I started my week by eating at the grill in Bauer Hall. With a growling stomach after a long dance class, the grill’s 20-minute wait time was almost too much to bear.

| Contributing Writer

SU expands policy prohibiting outside bank accounts for student groups

Student Union doubled down on its outside bank account policy this fall, adding GoFundMe to the list of outside bank accounts student groups are prohibited from using for fundraising, along with Venmo and PayPal.

| Senior Editor

SU Senate initiative lowers minimum deposit for Bear Bucks

Student Union senators have successfully advocated to decrease the online Bear Bucks minimum deposit amount from $25 to $10

Dorian DeBose | Contributing Reporter

Staff ed: Small choices can bolster socioeconomic diversity

Wash. U. Student Union’s changes to Bear Bucks may be a small change, but every little bit helps.

Meal point policy only hurts students

With the year drawing to a close and finals stress descending, there’s an anxious buzz around as students prepare for summer, say goodbye to their friends and still try their best to pass their classes. Piling on top of the dozens of other worries students carry with them is a new uncertainty created this year by the revised meal plan policy.

Salt + Smoke leaves Bear Bucks program, others report difficulties

With over $1.5 million spent in the past fiscal year, the Bear Bucks system has become a prominent feature of the Washington University community. While students, faculty and staff enjoy the ease of using their Washington University ID cards at off-campus vendors, some merchants have experienced challenges as part of the system, with the Delmar Loop barbecue restaurant Salt and Smoke leaving the program recently.

| Contributing Reporter

Dough to Door moves east to Delmar

Dough to Door, the local cookie bakery well-known to the Washington University community, has moved a half mile east from Melville Avenue to Delmar Boulevard, located near Pi Pizza and the Delmar MetroLink station.

| Associate Editor

Bear Bucks continues expansion

Bear Bucks is about to get bigger. Within the next several weeks, Half & Half in Clayton, The Good Pie—a new establishment soon opening on the Delmar Loop—and the Starbucks that will be opening in the new business school buildings will be joining the Bear Bucks program, barring unforeseen circumstances.

| News Editor

Bear Bucks outage lasts 28 hours, disrupts printing and purchases

Senior Brian Lebow spent an hour looking for quarters to dry his wet laundry when the Millbrook Apartments drying machines refused to take his Bear Bucks Monday afternoon. “I was doing laundry, and I put my clothes in two washers like normal; then I came back down half an hour later.

| News Manager

Bear Bucks expected to resume services today

Washington University Campus Card Services is hopeful that Bear Bucks will be online again later today after nearly 24 hours of inactivity. At about 11:30 a.m. on Monday, a database error occurred that put campus card services ranging from on-campus laundry to off-campus dining out of commission.

| Editor-in-Chief

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