Special Projects

2023 Sex Issue Data

Between December 22, 2022 and January 28, 2023, 1,890 students took the annual Student Life Sex Survey. Come see the results from the survey in an interactive presentation! Best viewed on Mobile.

Abortion Response

See how academic leaders around the country responded to the overturn of Roe v. Wade. We hope that these responses can inform conversations about the role of academic leaders on their institution’s discourse.

Housing Guide

Curious what your first freshman residence hall will look like? Can’t figure out where you want to live next year? We’ve got you covered with our Housing Guide for all Residential Life dorms and apartments.

Class of 2020: In Their Own Words

Although we can’t celebrate together on Brookings Quad, Student Life wanted to give seniors a chance to reflect on their time at Washington University.

WU: In Focus 2020

When embarking on the second installment of WU: In Focus, our goal was to explore the dimensions of what made this year a year of change for Washington University and to understand how the constellation of student experiences informs these changes.

The Portrait Representation Project

Student Life is proud to present the Portrait Representation Project, a story focusing on the representation of marginalized communities on campus. This data reveals who is represented among the university’s donors, alumni, former administrators and faculty, and more importantly who isn’t represented.

WU: In Focus Fall 2018

Student Life is proud to present “WU: In Focus,” a special issue that covers a spectrum of experiences and perspectives on campus—from an opinion piece on solidarity amongst people of color to a profile of four international athletes.

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