Student Union Treasury funds five student groups and has spirited discussion regarding Washington University Raas

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Student Union (SU) Treasury heard appeals from five student groups for a total of $16,135.87, deciding to allocate $15,447.87 in funding, bringing the semester total to $96,589.29 on Oct. 3. 

WU Raas, the University’s premier Indian dance group, requested $1,192.50 for supplies to build the set they will use in competitions throughout the year and at their annual Diwali show.

Treasury representative and junior Leena Rai noted that some line items for Raas had already been allocated in the general budget submitted last semester. Vice President of Finance, junior Mishka Narasimhan, suggested that representatives should review each line item and recommend the amount that should be funded.

“I feel like this appeal was submitted without taking into account what was already budgeted for because these costs do not seem to be supplementary costs,” Narasimhan said.

Rai also used the opportunity to emphasize the importance of having a consistent policy towards approaching appeals for additional funding to previously budgeted events.

Debate centered around two sets of line items: those already purchased by other student groups using SU funds and those already allocated in the club’s budget.

A consensus was reached that no funds should be allocated toward a fog machine, as one had previously been purchased with SU funds and can be lent to other groups.

SU representatives reviewed each line item in the group’s budget individually and recommended the amount that should be allocated for each item. 

Some representatives, including sophomore Neil Chavan, grew frustrated with the process after a representative suggested funding a line item for 30 cents.

“I think it is hard not to get a little heated when we have lost so much perspective that we are literally haggling over $10,” Chavan said.

Not all representatives shared Chavan’s sentiment.

“I think just because it’s a lesser amount of money in the situation, doesn’t mean you should fund them more than what they need,” representative sophomore Jonah Satyr said.

As the discussion continued, Rai suggested the representatives return to their original plan to recommend funding through straw polls for each line item. 

After the straw poll ended, Treasurers recommended WU Raas be funded for $1,025.50, which is what they ultimately received — $167 less than the group initially requested.

Men’s Club Ice Hockey received $1,200 to compete in a tournament at Mizzou from Nov. 17 to 18. The group also requested $5,260 for a tournament in Kansas from Nov. 10 to 11 and was funded for $4,739.

The group’s appeal for the Kansas tournament was handled in a manner consistent with the group’s previous appeal on Sept. 19  to compete in the Northwestern Invitational. Treasury subsidized the transportation line item, allocating funds to cover the cost of rental cars, gasoline, and one night at a hotel.

WUPops Orchestra, an independent student orchestra at the University, appealed for additional funds for instrument rentals, requesting $3,008.97. These funds covered the cost of renting one oboe, six violins, two cellos, and one double bass for the year. The group was funded in full for $3,008.97.

Club Badminton was funded in full for their $4,264.40 appeal to compete in the UIUC Open Tournament. 

Mock Trial was funded in full for their $1,150 appeal to compete in the “Mock at the Rock” tournament at Northwestern University.

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