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Student Union (SU) Treasury’s weekly meeting on Jan. 24 heard appeals from a variety of clubs, including an appeal SU rejected from SAILWashU to attend a conference.


Armour Magazine

Armour Magazine, the University’s fashion and art magazine, requested $8,500 to fund a launch event at the Boo Cat Club for the magazine’s 29th season.

Multiple treasurers questioned the necessity of hosting the event at this particular venue. Armour requested $6,000 for the setting, while other clubs have requested far less funding for similar events’ venues. Armour cited aesthetic and social reasons as to why they wanted their event held at the Boo Cat Club.

Treasury tabled Armour’s appeal until next week’s meeting.



SAILWashU requested funding to attend the Midwinter Conference — an event for collegiate sailing teams to decide where they are going to compete in the upcoming season — next week. The club submitted two appeals to SU and said that they could only attend the event in person, even though a virtual option was available, which newly elected sophomore treasurer Leena Rai brought up in the meeting. 

Sophomore treasurer Saish Satyal voiced his concern over the team’s lack of transparency.

“I don’t quite like that there was the implication of there being no virtual option when there totally was,” he said. “That doesn’t quite sit well with me.”

Vice President of Finance Max Roitblat funded the group’s first appeal for an undisclosed amount under $1,000 but gave them less than their requested amount. This appeal included money for rental cars, gas, and registration for the event. After the first appeal, the group submitted another appeal for over $1,000 which included housing, in addition to the previous items.

There were no representatives from SAILWashU present at the treasury meeting to answer questions, including why they had to attend the conference in person. 

SU treasurers declined to fund the second appeal.


Updates from SU Executive Board Members

Over the course of the meeting, several SU Executive Board members gave updates on their work.


Update from Emma Platt, Vice President of Engagement:

Platt informed treasurers that they would all need to participate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, and relationship and sexual violence prevention and response training. Platt said these trainings will soon be mandated by SU for all student groups to complete and that “if SU is asking all these student groups to participate in this, then we should also be doing this ourselves.”

The SU training day on Feb. 8 will serve as the “test pilot” for future training days, Platt said. There will be training days in February, March, and April that other student groups can sign up for so that they can receive training. 


Update from Executive Vice President Emily Chen: 

Towards the end of the meeting, first-year treasurer Leslie Sackey asked to see a copy of the SU constitution and Chen responded that SU is “updating” their constitution. Satyal and junior treasurer Jason Zheng both serve on the Constitutional Task Force (CTF) in charge of rewriting the SU constitution. 

Satyal said that SU is changing the constitution because SU has received “a lot of complaints [from student groups] that some provisions are too vague or too outdated for the way that SU currently runs.”


Update from Vice President of Finance Max Roitblat:

At the very end of the meeting, sophomore treasurer Sadie Karp asked Roitblat if he had an update on “WILD transfer funding,” likely referring to whether some of last semester’s WILD funding would roll over because the event was canceled.

Roitblat confirmed that he did have an update but did not share it “because [he needs] to formalize the communication to [the Social Programming Board] first.” He wanted to “hold off on saying that here until next week,” referring to the treasury meeting that will take place on Jan. 31. 



One thing that was consistent during all appeals was the lively conversation and high volume of questions that took place among the treasurers. Speaker of the Treasury Mishka Narasimhan said she was impressed by the level of activity at the meeting.

“Every [representative] has asked questions, both this session and last session, which I love,” Narasimhan said. She went on to compliment the new representatives, saying, “this batch of new representatives seems to be the most engaged that I’ve seen.” 

After the meeting, Rai described working on SU Treasury as something to help “serve the student body’s needs.” She said that she ran to be a treasurer because she thought it was “an elusive, opaque, and frankly frustrating process.” 

She said she now enjoys, “being a part of [a] process that is actually very collaborative,” and feels that “[students] voices actually hold a lot of weight, which is really cool to see.”

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