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For more than 140 years, Student Life has been a crucial source of information for the Washington University community. From breaking news to covering storied athletic teams and serving as a forum for student, faculty and community member voices, we hold power to account and help shape the future of this university.

You can support our mission as independent student journalists by donating today. Your tax-deductible donation will help us to reduce financial barriers to entry for low-income students, expand our staff training and pursue other initiatives that will allow us to continue serving our community. Donating allows our student journalists more freedom and know-how to focus on quality reporting and projects without worrying about the financial strain such time-intensive endeavors can entail.

Hear from staffers and alumni about why donating matters

“I've kept coming back because of the people in the office and because of what Student Life is able to do for the campus community”
Matthew Friedman | 2021-2022 Student Life editor-in-chief
“I would not be where I am today without my experience at Student Life”
Laura Meckler | Washington Post education reporter, former Student Life editor-in-chief
“I had a realization that people read what I was writing but also responded and were interested in making connections… StudLife is a space to connect with members of the campus community whom you otherwise might not have gotten to know.”
Jamila Dawkins | 2021-2022 Senior Forum Editor
“We published an opinion submission this semester about mental health issues in the art school. My suitemates, who are in the art school, have that article printed out and taped to our wall. That just shows how important these individual stories can be for a whole community of people on our campus.”
Reilly Brady | 2021-2022 Senior Forum Editor

Hear more from staffers and alumni about why donating matters

“StudLife gives me that window into other parts of campus that my experience as just a student would never have led me into. It's also one of the most real-world experiences I've had on campus.”
Olivia Poolos | 2021-2022 Senior Scene Editor
“A lot of the friends I've made so far on campus have been StudLife members who have in many ways given me the skills and input I need to navigate WashU… The paper has given me a chance to interact with the many people in our community that do so much for our school”
Hussein Amuri | 2021-2022 Staff Reporter
“That experience, where you have a deadline and you have to figure out how to get everything together, is probably the best real-world experience you can possibly get.”
Michael Tabb | FiveThirtyEight video reporter and former Student Life editor-in-chief

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