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Fresher food for Freshman Press: Ranking pre-orientation meals

It may be hard to believe, but incoming freshmen need more energy and fuel than the average Bear.

Morayo Oginni | Contributing Writer

Home, sweet home: Helpful facts about the South 40

The South 40, which consists of 10 residential colleges and 23 residential halls, is the residential area in Washington University for underclassmen.

Yvonne Huang | Contributing Writer

A freshman’s guide to wacky staples of Wash. U.

The uniformity of the architectural style on Washington University’s campus is a large part of its aesthetic appeal. However, tucked away in the midst of Wash. U.’s charming medieval environs are some quirky—and perhaps even bizarre—elements.

Keerthanya Rajesh | Contributing Reporter

The American appeal of anime show ‘My Hero Academia’

Due to a lucky combination of merit and chance, one young adult is imbued with unique responsibilities and powers. This special individual is determined to prove themself to rivals and doubters, work hard to succeed without others’ help and become a symbol of hope and leadership for a generation. Sound familiar?

Emily Spector | Contributing Writer

Love myself, love yourself: Lessons from Beyond The Scene

This concept isn’t the first concept BTS has released that has had fans all over the world putting on their thinking caps. What is this puzzle?

Kelcie Ford | Contributing Writer


Musician Ed Sheeran comes to St. Louis Sept. 17, but besides his tours and best-selling albums, Sheeran doesn’t have much in common with other modern popstars.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

America’s obsession with boy bands and the hunt for the next big thing

Every millennial can and will fondly recall a favorite boy band from their youth. The ’90s kicked it off with the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and NSYNC topping charts constantly (in 2001, Rolling Stone even dubbed NSYNC to be “the biggest band in the world.”).

Evy Tran | Contributing Writer

Over 1,000 WU community members gather to witness solar eclipse

University College hosted a solar eclipse viewing event on Mudd Field for members of the Washington University community Monday.

Rynn Sun | Contributing Reporter

Wrighton condemns violence in Charlottesville, Va.

In a statement emailed to Washington University faculty and students, Chancellor Mark Wrighton publicly condemned the Aug. 11-12 “Unite the Right” rally and ensuing violence that crossed through the University of Virginia’s campus in Charlottesville, Va.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Reporter

First Year Center utilizes new events app for Bear Beginnings

Washington University has created a new scheduling app, called “WashUEvents,” for this year’s Bear Beginnings, a program that introduces incoming freshmen to campus life, University expectations and some of their 1,878 new classmates.

Zachary Berman | Contributing Reporter

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