In pictures: The first few days as WU freshmen transition to college life

The students of the Washington University Class of 2024 moved onto the South 40 over three days this weekend, settling in for the final session of orientation and an unprecedented fall semester to come.

Words by Matthew Friedman | Photos by Curran Neenan

A night with the Pikers: A toast to comedy

The Pikers provided shelter and song on a chilly Jan. 25 night in Graham Chapel. Along with musical numbers, the Pikers showcased a thirty-minute short film centered around their fictional, and often funny, quest to receive SU funding.

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Splash of color takes the Swamp

Holi is one of the South 40’s most beloved traditions–check out photos of students enjoying the annual event Friday. Photos by Megan Magray | Student Life

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Hijabi Monologues shares stories of Muslim-American women

Miss the Hijabi Monologues? Student Life has you covered with nine photos of the event. Photos by Megan Magray | Student Life

and | Student Life Editors

Knight Hall and Bauer Hall open

Too busy studying for GenChem to go explore the new B-School buildings? Student Life has you covered, with 17 photos of the beautiful new building.

Dumpster diving proves success of zero-landfill W.I.L.D.

While some waste still made it into the landfills, this year’s “zero-landfill” W.I.L.D. concert diverted more waste than any W.I.L.D. before it. According to junior Emily Kent, co-chair of the Green Events Commission, a zero-waste event is defined as one in which at least 90 percent of waste is diverted from landfills.

Inconsistent alcohol policy leads to student confusion, discipline

Around 6 p.m. the afternoon of Friday’s Walk In Lay Down event, a small group of students were sitting in a freshman’s JKL room, with sealed bottles of alcohol visible and the door open, when they say a residential college director entered the suite.

11 most random items you will find in the bookstore

Although the bookstore offers useful items such as comfy Washington University pullovers, class textbooks and cold medicine, it also features some items that the average student probably has not encountered. Here is a look at some of the most random items that a Wash. U. student can find in the school bookstore. 1. A Bitty […]

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Women’s soccer ends six-win streak with fall against Wheaton

A solid game plan, proper adjustments, and strong team effort put the No. 3 Washington University women’s soccer team in position to take out national No. 1 and familiar Bears’ foe Wheaton College Saturday at Francis Field. But missed opportunities and one Wheaton shot that found the back of the net led to a 1-0 overtime loss.

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Introducing the Washington University Fall Fantasy Sports League

With football season ready to kick off, anticipation for the return of the country’s most popular sport drove many Americans to the draft board over Labor Day weekend as they filled out fantasy rosters.

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